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Democrats’ totally misguided views about the budget deficit hamstrung the national economy during Obama’s presidency and threaten to undermine any hope of a meaningful legislative agenda in 2021.

@mapoli  ... Now, whether he lived up to all that hope is a point of legitimate contention. And who knows whether he'll click with today's Democrats, or if they'll even listen. But don't underestimate him on the stump is all I'm saying.

Sustained questioning by counsel > sporadic questioning by House members. Hope Democrats remember this lesson for future oversight hearings beyond the Ukraine issue.

Geez, I hope the Democrats mention that the aid was finally released only when the White House learned of the whistleblower complaint.

Democrats hope the witnesses’ backgrounds underscore their credibility. Both are career diplomats who’ve served under presidents of both stripes. Taylor’s a Vietnam vet. In other words, Dems hope, they will appear not political hacks or deep state operatives but lifelong patriots

The first public impeachment hearing begins today as Democrats hope to make their case to millions of Americans watching on television that President Donald Trump's conduct is so serious he deserves to be removed from office.

The first public impeachment hearing begins today as Democrats hope to make their case to millions of Americans watching on television that President Donald Trump's conduct is so serious he deserves to be removed from office.

Today's hearing in the House is intended to publicly spotlight evidence Democrats believe is damning for President Donald Trump. Democrats hope to throw a public spotlight on what the witnesses are saying — and Republicans are hoping to discredit them.

Democrats hope a surprise victory in last week’s governor’s race may kickstart a long, slow turn away from the GOP in the Bluegrass state.

Democrats claimed big wins in Virginia’s elections, fueled in no small part by large investments from gun control advocates. They hope similar tactics will help the party win big on the national level in 2020. @wamu885 


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The Supreme Court is one of the main reasons I got elected President. I hope Republican Voters, and others, are watching, and studying, the Democrats Playbook.

“It isn’t often I get angry at the dirty politics of the Democrats in Congress, but this time I am enraged and hope this impeachment charade will backfire on Reps. Pelosi & Schiff, & the Democrats. I have read thoroughly the telephone conversation between Trump & the President...

It would be really great if the people within the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good (I hope!), could stop hiring Never Trumpers, who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats. Nothing good will ever come from them!

Hope all House Republicans, and honest House Democrats, will vote to CENSURE Rep. Adam Schiff tomorrow for his brazen and unlawful act of fabricating (making up) a totally phony conversation with the Ukraine President and U.S. President, me. Most have never seen such a thing!

I hope our great Republican Senators don’t get led down the path of weak and ineffective Border Security. Without strong Borders, we don’t have a Country - and the voters are on board with us. Be strong and smart, don’t fall into the Democrats “trap” of Open Borders and Crime!

As I predicted, 16 states, led mostly by Open Border Democrats and the Radical Left, have filed a lawsuit in, of course, the 9th Circuit! California, the state that has wasted billions of dollars on their out of control Fast Train, with no hope of completion, seems in charge!

“Democrats would rather talk about gun control than get something done.” Governor John Sununu@FoxNews  @BillHemmer  The big questions are, will they “move the goalposts” and, is this just a ploy to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY? I hope NOT on both counts, but I’ll be able to figure it out!

So sad that the Democrats are putting wonderful Hope Hicks through hell, for 3 years now, after total exoneration by Robert Mueller & the Mueller Report. They were unhappy with result so they want a Do Over. Very unfair & costly to her. Will it ever end? Why aren’t they.......

The reason for the China pullback & attempted renegotiation of the Trade Deal is the sincere HOPE that they will be able to “negotiate” with Joe Biden or one of the very weak Democrats, and thereby continue to ripoff the United States (($500 Billion a year)) for years to come....

I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out. That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' Chuck stay!