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World Health Organization headed to China. Let's hope for swift resolution. Meanwhile, talk of America not leading or helping the world continue to be false. 4.3% of world population 15% of world GDP 1 of 194 WHO members 24% of World Health Organization contributions

I hope you will not be sick in heaven with your daughter ... 🙏🏻 I'm so sad.

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“Since Trump was sworn into office, the president has held up his end of the bargain, championing pro-life policies and appointing two conservative Supreme Court justices offering pro-life activists hope that the days of Roe v. Wade could be numbered.”

I didn’t follow the sport and can’t claim to have known too much about him...but this untimely death of a father and daughter just breaks my heart...I hope the universes give strength to his family , friends and fans across the world... #KobeBryant  #RIP 

@BernieSanders  says his Iowa campaign schedule "is now in the garbage can" because of impeachment. "Whether we get here during the week or not -- remains to be seen," he said, adding: "I certainly hope to be here for my victory celebration on Monday night."

Leading Senior Constable Glenn Stephens and Senior Constable David Ramm of Geelong Highway Patrol speak about their experience on the roads in 2019, and what they hope to see in 2020. Please, for the sake of everyone in our community, be safe on our roads.

In 2001, we followed Kobe Bryant during an Adidas promotional tour around the world. He told us about having the opportunity to make people happy and giving kids hope that they could accomplish their dreams. #RIPKobeBryant 

I can’t imagine what Vanessa Bryant is going through after losing her husband, #Kobe , and her 13yo Gianna Maria Bryant. Hope she has a good support system around her. Losing a child and a spouse on the same day. Heartbreaking 💔 Survivor’s guilt is brutal. #kobebryant  #rip 

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LEGENDS ONLY. The Obamas are now both Grammy winners after @MichelleObama  just won Best Spoken Word Album for “Becoming.” @BarackObama  previously won the same category twice for “The Audacity Of Hope” and “Dreams From My Father.” #GRAMMYs 

More creatures? I hope it’s the Lithgow Big Cat.

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