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LR @RepMcCaul : “Disturbed by the increasing abuse of Hong Kong’s legal system to target pro-democracy figures. The #CCP  & its cronies must stop undermining HK’s rule of law, account for violence against protestors, and respect Hong Kongers’ freedoms.”

Hong Kongers wait in line to send #masks  to friends & family overseas. 😷 Pics by @keithrichburg  at @FedEx  today to send masks to Detroit: "1 hr+ in line, everyone mailing masks overseas. Fed Ex guy said it’s been like that now the last couple days, nonstop." #HongKong  #covid19 

After the SARS crisis of 2003, Hong Kongers never lost the habit of wearing masks in public when sick

Hong Kongers have formed nearly 50 new unions in the last few months—their newest tool against what they see as a failing government.

Masks go on world tour as Hong Kongers now send supplies abroad

VIDEO: Hong Kong was one of the first places hit by panic-buying, shortages and long queues for face masks. The hoarding and shortages have since eased somewhat and many Hong Kongers are now trying to make sure loved ones abroad receive face masks as the global pandemic grows


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“Today, the United States Senate sent a clear message to Hong Kongers fighting for their long-cherished freedoms: we hear you, we continue to stand with you, and we will not stand idly by as Beijing undermines your autonomy." — Sen. Marco Rubio PASSED ✅

Any attempt by the Chinese government to crush a peaceful attempt by Hong Kongers to maintain their rights would require a significant response from the United States. The Chinese government is playing with fire, but hopefully they do not go too far.

I’m proud to sponsor the Hong Kong Be Water Act with @HawleyMO  & @JohnCornyn  to fight the brutality, threats & intimidation. As Americans, we can't allow this to continue. We must stand with the brave Hong Kongers fighting for human rights being suppressed by Communist China.

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I’m proud of the Senate’s latest action to support Hong Kong. And I’m proud to have stood alongside Hong Kongers for decades in their fight for true self-determination.

As pro-democracy Hong Kongers demonstrate peacefully in the streets, Chinese police shot an 18-year-old protestor in the chest. This is what 70 years of Communist rule looks like in China—freedom is trampled and dissent is silenced. America still hears you, Hong Kong.

Disqualifying @joshuawongcf  from running in the district council election in #HongKong  is more proof that #CarrieLam  & the #CCP  are denying Hong Kong citizens their basic democratic rights.Joshua should be allowed to run & Hong Kongers allowed to choose. #ExpressionNotOppression 

LR @RepMcCaul : "I commend my Senate colleagues for taking action to advance the #HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct . Americans stand united in our strong support for Hong Kongers as they fight for freedom."

Today the Senate stood with Hong Kongers against CCP tyranny. Beijing has been warned that the United States will consider stripping Hong Kong’s special status and take additional measures if it continues to encroach on the city’s basic freedoms.

Senator Marco Rubio stands with the brave Hong Kongers advocating for Hong Kong to maintain its long-cherished and promised autonomy and freedoms against Beijing's interference. The full Senate will soon be passing Sen. Rubio's #HongKongHumanRightsAndDemocracyAct 

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Hong Kong’s pro-Communist leaders will use any excuse to cancel democratic elections in #HongKong . A free and fair election would allow Hong Kongers to express their rising dissatisfaction with Beijing’s interference in local affairs.