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Chris Patten: The West should not be browbeaten into embarrassed silence in the face of China’s violation of its obligations regarding Hong Kong, a city that exemplifies many of the values that Xi’s CPC wants to bury.

What's behind Beijing's decision to enact a new security law in Hong Kong? And how should the world view China's trajectory under Pres. Xi Jinping? Pt. 1 of my GPS conversation w/ fmr Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee & Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong:

What will happen next in Hong Kong? And can the US & the world respond to Beijing without hurting Hong Kong & its people? Pt. 2 of my conversation today w/ fmr Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee & Chris Patten, the UK's last governor of Hong Kong, who left that post in 1997:

The new director of #China 's Liaison Office in #HongKong  has said that the city should return to the right track, notes Chris Patten. But that advice might be better directed to his superiors in #Beijing , and to Hong Kong's government. #CPC  #Article23 

Chris Patten said Xi's 'thuggish' crackdown in Hong Kong could trigger an outflow of capital and people from the city which funnels the bulk of foreign direct investment into mainland China

Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong: “Chinese Communism is a menace. It’s a danger to every liberal democracy and a danger to a lot of its neighbors as well.” @FareedZakaria 

On GPS, @ 10am ET on @CNN : I’ll talk w/ Bryan Stevenson of @eji_org  about George Floyd’s death & what it means for America;@nhannahjones  about riots, protests, & activism; & fmr Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee & fmr UK gov of Hong Kong Chris Patten about Beijing’s new law

… & after China announced it will enact a massively controversial security law in Hong Kong, what will happen next? I’ll talk w/ barrister & fmr Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee & the UK’s last governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, who oversaw its '97 handover to China

Hong Kong's last British governor Chris Patten said Xi’s actions had placed Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s premier international financial hub under question.


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Hong Kong's last governor, Chris Patten, describes as "outrageous" China's defence of its sovereign territory against truly outrageous threats and subversion masked as "pro democracy". Democracy never existed under the British, whose corrupt presence served to humiliate China.

“This communist government has actually used the crisis… to flex it’s muscle & bully in other areas… We don’t want to have endless rows with China but we do want to work together in dealing with China when it behaves badly” – former governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten#Newsnight 

Chris patten the last British governor of Hong Kong urged PM Boris Johnson to express its outrage of Chinese Commies violating agreement giving China control w Hong Kong autonomy til 2047 Boris, SPEAK UP and protect rule of law

Xi Jinping has instructed officials to attack every sign of liberal democracy and its values. His reign has been characterised by mendacity and a blustering disregard for international law and agreements - Chris Patten, last British governor of Hong Kong

The UK must take the lead in standing up for Hong Kong, writes Chris Patten, the last British governor of the territory. We have a political and moral obligation to do so

"If people can't trust us to stick up for Hong Kong in these circumstances, I think they'll have difficulty believing we'd stick up for anything." Lord Chris Patten says the UK has a moral and legal duty to stand up for Hong Kong against China. More:

Over time, the pressure of strong sentiment in Hong Kong and around the world is more likely to shift the totalitarian regime in Beijing than fighting the police and causing property damage are | Chris Patten