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Apple is facing blowback for deleting an app used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong court ruled against allowing same-sex unions in the city

The group says it hopes to raise awareness of the ongoing protests happening in Hong Kong.

As protests continue to grip Hong Kong, the hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers who work in the city are also caught.

Man who unwittingly sparked Hong Kong protests after he murdered his pregnant girlfriend will return to the island to face justice

T-shirts that read, "The North stand with Hong Kong," will be handed out before the @Raptors  home opener next week. Mimi Lee is with the group "Torontonian Hong Kongers Action Group," who are behind the push.

UPDATE 1-U.S. lawmakers urge Apple to restore HKMap app used in Hong Kong via Reuters #news  #reuters 


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Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!

Every American has the right to voice their support for democracy and human rights for Hong Kong. Full stop.

What did @realDonaldTrump  promise China in exchange for interfering in our election? An easier deal on trade? Ignoring crackdown on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement? Condoning repression of religious freedom? #TruthExposed 

I know President Xi of China very well. He is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. He is also a good man in a “tough business.” I have ZERO doubt that if President Xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Personal meeting?

CNN reporting that Trump told China he would keep quiet on Hong Kong protests until trade war was over. What a deal - the U.S. loses hundreds of thousands of jobs from Trump’s insane tariffs and ALSO we abandon the people of Hong Kong. Is this real?

Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?