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A Tokyo storm shelter turned away two homeless people in the middle of a deadly typhoon — because they didn't have addresses. Typhoon Hagibis has killed at least 66 people across Japan, including 1 reported homeless person.

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Other homeless people have been urinated on and punched in the night

Harry Redknapp wins permission to evict 29 homeless people from hostel and turn it into luxury flats development

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised to take action after reports emerged of two homeless men being denied access to a Tokyo typhoon shelter as a powerful storm, which killed nearly 70 people, battered Japan

Homeless people turned away from Japanese typhoon shelter as death toll rises to 66

GIVING BACK: A Greenville woman who recently won a $250,000 lottery prize said she intends to use the money to help homeless people.

These planters were put on this Venice street, at the urging of some neighbors, to keep homeless people away. Like other short sighted responses, it didn’t work. cc: @LATstevelopez  @AlpertReyes 

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I spent 3 days in downtown Dallas & saw ZERO homeless laying around or camping on sidewalks. No feces & no used needles. Dallas has more homeless people than Austin but is able to retain public health & safety. Austin’s problem isn’t the homeless; it’s lack of leadership.

Ten-year-old Jahkil Jackson is on a mission to help homeless people in Chicago. He created kits full of socks, toiletries, and food for those in need. Just this week, Jahkil reached his goal to give away 5,000 “blessing bags.” That’s a story from 2017.

Kansas City officials poured bleach on food meant for people who are homeless, rather than let a community org serve food without a permit

a kind reminder that every human is a person. your parents, your teachers, every waitress, every stranger on the train, the homeless man on the sidewalk.. all people. treat everyone with warmth and be equally respectful to them all. thank you x

My moms a lesbian. I think I turned out ok. And the activities she chooses is to help the homeless and people suffering from mental illness. I admit I’m not perfect but atleast I was never a judgmental hypocrite! Im sure you dont speak for most Catholics.Have a nice day 🖕🏼

Candice Payne not only used her credit card to pay for hotel rooms for homeless people in Chicago, she also arranged transportation and made care packages with everything from prenatal vitamins to toiletries.

Fake patriotic people in this country turn a blind eye to the real reason Kaepernick took a knee the same way they turn a blind eye to homeless, hungry military vets when they approach their car for some change but I’m sleep tho......

Kansas City officials poured bleach on food meant for people who are homeless, rather than let a community org serve food without a permit

Police are on the hunt for a man who drop-kicked a tent containing two homeless people while his friends filmed it on a phone

Please America take notice of California wildfires. Dozens confirmed dead. Hundreds missing. Thousands homeless. Millions choking on toxic air. Closed schools. People wearing masks. No immediate end in sight. Oh, and please do not neglect #climatechange  in your coverage.