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See who calls things for what they are and who refuses to disavow Holocaust denialism and white supremacy. @TianaTheFirst  says the latter are the ones who will, if allowed to hang around, kill off whatever future conservatism has in this country.

EXCLUSIVE: A High Court challenge against #JoshFrydenberg  stalls over Holocaust denialism concerns #S44  #auspol  My latest -

Mark Zuckerberg trying to explain Holocaust denialism on his megaplatform, and newspapers laying off 50% of their trained reporters and editors, are two explicitly connected economic phenomena.

As someone who has spent my life slamming antisemitic Holocaust denialism, esp in Muslim communities, glad to see Al Jazeera bosses taking disciplinary action against 2 of their journos for a ridiculously offensive and dumb video - and disowning it, too.

If it were up to me, I'd fire anyone involved in producing & approving it. I've spent my life condemning anti-semitic holocaust denialism, especially in Muslim communities & advocating for accountability & transparency in journalism. This is an opportunity to do that.

Excellent dialogue with for the podcast about Holocaust denialism, Social Justice Warriors, the importance of bringing reason and science to bear on political debates, and why it is that smart people believe dumb things.

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Holocaust-deniers, anti-vaccinators, climate-change skeptics: The psychology of denialism runs deep and affects us all

Mark: you can and should take responsibility for truly dangerous speech without inhibiting legitimate free speech. And you could ban Holocaust denialism as hate speech without going down the slippery slope of censorship. This is your moment to step up.


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Always keep in mind that we are the last generation to grow up with Survivors. We are in for an onslaught of Holocaust Denialism.

The White House’s soft-core Holocaust denialism by The Editors @PostOpinions 

The Internet repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, then as Holocaust denialism: