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Greatest Hockey nation in the world!! Canada for the Gold! #proudcanadian
Playin hockey with my lil bro and @chazsomers
From the pond to the pros, there is only One Hockey. #NHL19
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On behalf of an entire Nation, CONGRATULATIONS to the U.S. Women's Hockey Team on winning the GOLD! #GoTeamUSA #Olympics
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Late @HumboldtBroncos coach Darcy Haugan has been honored with the inaugural Willie O'Ree Community Hero Award, presented to an individual who - through the game of hockey - has positively impacted his or her community, culture or society. #NHLAwards
happy friday the 13th remember if you're lucky an athletic man in a kinky and mysterious hockey mask might visit you in the night
Difference between hockey and basketball. Teammate makes biggest mistake of his life. Hockey - 20 guys pat him on the back and say shake it off bud we got u and also stick up for him to media. Basketball - 10 guys leave him alone on an island to fend for himself
@JeremyBieber @ForesightSports Now is there anyway you can program a hockey goalie on the screen so I can shoot pucks at it?
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