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Don't Just Run For Jobs After Getting Degrees: Yogi Adityanath To Students, work for society.. Hmmmm#JobCrisis 

hmmmm, looks like our camera (or rather camera operator) had some troubles in this video. However, his welding got better!

What an extraordinary admission! It is dependent on ”continued investor subscriptions” without which it would be unable to meet its “contractually commited payments”. So money from new investors is paying out the interest to existing ones? Hmmmm.

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“The hierarchical character of Chinese socialism is easy to see at the beach. Party cadres are assigned government villas, while the general public stays in inexpensive hotels”. Hmmmm. Nothing like that here in the USA of course ... 1/2

Hmmmm… After watching the CBP livestream of the DHS press conference on detaining families, @YouTube  automatically switched me to the next video — Lou Dobbs from last night. 🤔

Attendees will be able to take photos inside a life-sized Barbie doll box. Hmmmm. via @freep 

@RepDwightEvans  Hmmmm, defending a career criminal who should have been in jail for life but, like many other gangsters, is allowed to terrorize and kill citizens every night. Maybe the cops should have dropped a bomb on the whole neighborhood since the bad guy wouldn't surrender? #SMDH 

Hmmmm I know that thug rat is around here somewhere... Dumb cat or lucky rat? via follow *davebaileyme

Sold out :( .. we keep buying more and more and it keeps selling faster and faster ... hmmmm#goodproblems  <- sign up - you’re missing out


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DID YOU KNOW? The guy behind the 'Area 51' Facebook page, which has reached millions, lives in Bakersfield? We talked to Matty about his actual "raid" plan, social-media buzz, and what exactly is a Naruto Runner? Hmmmm. Tune into our 6 p.m. newscast for full story!

Hmmmm Into You is definitely also a jam. Haha

Hmmmm RT if you agree, favorite if you think this is backwards. #PUBG  #Fortnite 

Selfie.. Of a selfie... Of a selfie .. Hmmmm

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@ItsAboutJustin if posters could talk.... hmmmm

@wishuponaLAUR hmmmm I dunno what do u think I should be