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Merry Christmas to the world’s 2.5 billion Christians. And to the remaining 5 billion people, including Muslims Atheists Hindus Buddhists Animists & Jews, Happy Monday.
While assuring justice for the family of the victim of rape and murder in Kathua, we must note that there seems a clear PDP / Hurriyat conspiracy to use it for driving out Hindus from Jammu or terrorise them into submission
Ashamed appalled and disgusted by fake nationals and fake Hindus. I cannot believe this is happening in my country.
Hindus wake up! Muslims leaders are refusing to give up on a masjid,that is shiftable,to restore the holiest temple on the birthplace of Ram
I am anti-Modi, I am anti-Hegde, I am anti-Amit Shah and according to me they are not Hindus: @prakashraaj at India Today #SouthConclave18.
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This election is not about roads, water or other issues.This election is about Hindus vs Muslims, Ram Mandir vs Babri Masjid: BJP MLA Sanjay Patil in Belagavi. #KarnatakaElections2018 (17.4.18)
Instead of obsessing about linking Aadhar card with PAN card, can we link Dalits to non-Dalits, Muslims to Hindus and Indians to Indians first.
But did any Muslim leader or even B-Town condemn it? But are all of us fighting for innocent #Kathua victim because of her name? Most of us r Hindus and abhor atrocities against all irrespective of name or religion. Let us be honest. Some of us are not ideologically neutral?
I say to Togadia: Resolve to recover and rise. We Hindus need you and and will stand by you in the cause of Hindutva
Doing history with the daughter..contradictory statements taught. "Treated Hindus well,however broke/looted Hindu temples to build mosques"
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