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Hindus wake up! Muslims leaders are refusing to give up on a masjid,that is shiftable,to restore the holiest temple on the birthplace of Ram
Wake Up Ye Hindus Before Its Too Late!! via @PGurus1
We Hindus&others who acknowledge their ancestors are Hindus, be happy that Ayodhya will soon sparkle as it did during days of Lord Rama
Doing history with the daughter..contradictory statements taught. "Treated Hindus well,however broke/looted Hindu temples to build mosques"
It is time to make explicit in History books what is implicit or fudged: Last 1000 years was a War against Hindus. Hindus in the end won
Q:Am I anti Muslim? I am pro those Muslims who proudly admit that their ancestors are Hindus and follow Hindu cultural practices willingly.
#TNExclusive 300 Rohingyas abducted 100 Hindus, killed 92 of them;8 women forced to convert to Islam, taken to B'desh #RohingyaHinduMassacre
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Grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingya militants found: Reports AFP quoting Myanmar army
Today we celebrate victory of dharma. Hindus also struggled, fought and won the war against Ghori&Ghazni's and British criminal left overs
While crores of Hindus wait for Divya Bhavya Ram Mandir, the Ayodhya case to begin in the Supreme Court on Dec 5 -- via @pGurus1
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