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92-year-old Krishan is returning to Pakistan 70 years after partition and wants Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs to live in unity. (Via @AJWitness)
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I urge Hindus of Bengal to agree to Gorkhaland in the larger interest of Hindutva and combating appeasement in WB
Realise:1.British in 1947 made Muslim governed Pak & Hindu India. Hindus told Muslims to stay. 2. Constitution is defacto of Hindu Rashtra
Caught: ISIS converting Hindus | Inside conversion zone | Report from Kasargod in Kerala - India’s Gaza #CaliphateConvertsHindus
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Solution to Kashmir valley revolt is to depopulate as was done to Kashmir valley Hindus. For a few years keep them in refugee camps in TN.
Mansarovar pilgrimage stopped at Nathu La. Now Amarnath Yatris attacked. The one thing our rulers claim to be good at is protecting Hindus!
No better country than India for Muslims and no better friend than Hindus: Shahnawaz Hussain,BJP on VP Ansari
Hindus across the caste divide feel liberated today free from an inferiority complex. Now Hindus must get a new mindset of a virat outlook.
We confirm that "@WikiLeaks4India" is using our name without permission to stir up tensions between #Hindus and #Muslims #India #Modi
And if the Babri Masjid verdict is in favor of Muslims the they should happily give the land to Hindus: Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, Shia cleric
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