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Hindus did it for 600 years and won. So don't cry. You can migrate if you are afraid.

@ImranKhanPTI  He obviously has no work assigned to him as PM by the Pak military and ISI except to bad mouth India. The treatment of Hindus and Sikhs today in Pakistan especially denying them food is one step away from genocide

Imagine if Hindus, Christians or Buddhists did this in a Muslim-majority nation — burning hundreds of trains/buses, anti-Hindu slogans/break-India plots over CAA, killing IB man and dozens in Delhi riots, and now #CoronaJihad  by Jamaat and Tiktokiyas, beating up doctors and cops.

@FChov  Hate i @imvivek297s  a highly negative emotion which as in the case of Duryodhan is self destructive . Unity based on principles is the only way for patriotism to flourish. Hindus and Muslims have the same ancestry and hence we can unite culturally while following one’s own religion

Virus Lockdown Changes How Hindus Celebrate Holy Period

Hindus around the world are in the midst of a nine-day period called Chaitra Navaratri. This year, celebrations and prayers are home-bound events and if there is group worship, it's livestreamed.

Virus lockdown changes how Hindus celebrate holy period:

Virus lockdown changes how Hindus celebrate holy period

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Hindus celebrate Navaratri, or the festival of nine nights, with three days each devoted to the worship of Durga, the goddess of valour, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. #Navaratri 

Discrimination amid pandemic, Pakistan refuses to give food to Hindus as Covid-19 rages #COVID19Pandemic  #coronavirus  #CoronavirusOutbreak 


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26/11 Terror Act was a ISI & UPA joint operation to launch Hindu Terror operation and ban RSS. It fizzled because a brave Policeman caught Kasab alive. All ten others were killed. They were dressed as Hindus would be. A new investigation necessary.

Hindus (as per proviso to Art 25) must accept irrespective of varna, jati, bhasha, & prant Hindus are one genetic family. With equal opportunity every Hindu will perform according to his education. Muslims are in the same category if they accept that their ancestors are Hindus.

Liberation and restoration of the Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirling Mandir is a fundamental part of Hindu Renaissance. I hope the Muslim community will cooperate with us Hindus on this and help us restore the temple

Leave aside the 700 years of brutalities we Hindus suffered at the hands of Muslim invaders and their progenies,the fact that we amputated 1/3 rd of Bharat Mata for Pak entitles us to reject any & every Muslim illegal immigrant except for conscience rebels as Tarik Fatah &Taslima

Merry Christmas to all the Christians of the world. To everybody else, including the Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, & Jews... ...Happy Wednesday.

In 26/11 Mumbai Terror act, all those who came were decked as Hindus with tikka, radraksh mala, arm bracelets etc.. The idea was they would all be killed and then Hindu Terror would be blamed. But fortunately Kasab was caught and the Pakistani ID established.

I hope Richa Bharti contacts @Ish_Bhandari  . He is the best for this issue and I will help him in court. Distribution of Koran means approval of sections which talk of Kafirs and consequences. Richa is fighting for all genuine Hindus. We cannot circulate theology of others

Merry Christmas to the world’s 2.5 billion Christians. And to the remaining 5 billion people, including Muslims Atheists Hindus Buddhists Animists & Jews, Happy Monday.

Three phases left I urge Hindustanis[Hindus plus those who accept their ancestors are Hindus] vote for BJP. Tukde Tukde apologists of the opposition cannot keep us safe since they are complicit. Learn from Sri Lanka. Last 5 years been the safest for us