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Hillary Clinton is not above the law, yet she has a record of contempt for the rule of law. Our leaders are bound by the rule of law, so Clinton must be held accountable. RETWEET if you agree & sign HERE:

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Hillary Clinton Has a New Excuse For Why She Lost the 2016 Election

Fox News Poll: “Biden’s lead over Trump comes from large advantages among women (+22 points), suburban women (+30), and blacks (+74). In counties where the 2016 vote was close (Hillary Clinton and Trump within 10 points), Biden is ahead by 21 points.”

What was/is more insulting to the Trump base? For Hillary Clinton to (rather generously) label half of them ‘deplorables’ or for Donald Trump and his spinners to constantly and brazenly lie, mislead, and gaslight them on a daily basis.

Judge disciplined for promoting Hillary Clinton's immigration plan in 2016 hearing

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An immigration judge has been fined $1,000 fine and debarred from federal service for 30 months for violating the Hatch Act by making political statements by promoting Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan at a 2016 hearing.

Following Trump’s win, Hillary Clinton called for abolishing the Electoral College while Trump declared the system was “actually genius” despite calling it a “disaster for democracy” after President Obama won in 2012.

Hillary Clinton: "We saw what happened in Georgia where Stacey Abrams should be governor of that state."

An immigration judge was fined $1,000 fine and debarred from federal service for 30 months for violating the Hatch Act by making political statements by promoting Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan at a 2016 hearing.


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Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought! @JudicialWatch 

“(Crooked) Hillary Clinton confirms she will not run in 2020, rules out a third bid for White House.” Aw-shucks, does that mean I won’t get to run against her again? She will be sorely missed!

Remember it was Buzzfeed that released the totally discredited “Dossier,” paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats (as opposition research), on which the entire Russian probe is based! A very sad day for journalism, but a great day for our Country!

So why didn’t the highly conflicted Robert Mueller investigate how and why Hillary Clinton'>Crooked Hillary Clinton deleted and acid washed 33,000 Emails immediately AFTER getting a SUBPOENA from the United States Congress? She must have GREAT lawyers!

....Many of the top FBI brass were fired, forced to leave, or left. McCabe’s wife received BIG DOLLARS from Clinton people for her campaign - he gave Hillary a pass. McCabe is a disgrace to the FBI and a disgrace to our Country. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The only Collusion with the Russians was with Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee...And, where’s the Server that the DNC refused to give to the FBI? Where are the new Texts between Agent Lisa Page and her Agent lover, Peter S? We want them now!

Hillary Clinton'>Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!

“You had Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party try to hide the fact that they gave money to GPS Fusion to create a Dossier which was used by their allies in the Obama Administration to convince a Court misleadingly, by all accounts, to spy on the Trump Team.” Tom Fitton, JW

Here we go with the Fake Polls. Just like what happened with the Election against Crooked Hillary Clinton. ABC, NBC, CNN, @nytimes , @washingtonpost , they all got it wrong, on purpose. Suppression Polls so early? They will never learn!

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked...” Barrack Obama, 2005. I voted, when I was a Senator, to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in...” Hillary Clinton, 2015.