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Tories invest in high speed trains
So they can leave the north as fast as possible
To get away from smell of dead NHS patients
They killed
This is a high-speed photograph of a water drop refraction!
PM @AbeShinzo & I will attend the programme to mark the start of work of India’s first high-speed rail project between Ahmedabad & Mumbai.
Station transits sun at 5 miles per second in video taken at 1,500 frames per second with high-speed camera from Banner, Wyoming.
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Laying of the foundation stone for India's first high speed rail project is a landmark moment in India-Japan ties.
My visit to Kawasaki Heavy Industries Plant gave me a firsthand view of aspects relating to high speed rail, which we are bringing to India.
LIVE: PM Modi & Japan PM @AbeShinzo at the inauguration of India's first High Speed Rail project. #BulletTrain4Grow
Towards next gen stone for India's first high speed rail laid by PMs @AbeShinzo and @narendramodi.
More productivity with high speed connectivity.
High speed video of Merriam's kangaroo rat avoiding Mojave rattlesnake strike
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