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macOS High Sierra's App Store System Preferences Can Be Unlocked With Any Password by @rsgnl
Major macOS High Sierra Bug Allows Full Admin Access Without Password – How to Fix by @julipuli
*HUGE* Security flaw discovered in #Apple's macOS High Sierra. A simple hack allows anyone to gain Root (Admin) access without a password.

Do not leave your Macbook unattended until this is resolved.
Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password
Security researchers found a bug that allows pretty much anyone to break into devices running on Apple's macOS High Sierra
Major Apple security flaw grants admin access on macOS High Sierra without password
Apple macOS High Sierra Zero-Day Exploit Lets Hackers Steal All Keychain Passwords in Plaintext
Apple has released an update to address the flaw in MacOS High Sierra that allows anyone to log in as root without a password. Updated yesterday's post with link to the advisory:
Serious Bug in Apple macOS High Sierra Exposes "Original Password" of Encrypted APFS Volume As "Password Hint"
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