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I-70 EB: Express lane open between Exit 232 - US 40; Empire Jct and Exit 243 - Hidden Valley.

Are there hidden messages in the Wiz song playing in the background?👂🤔

This mathematical wizardry shows that tidal forces are actually a hidden form of gravitational waves.

"A Hidden Life" is, among other things, a clandestine dance movie, @BilgeEbiri  writes

Gardaí find €60,000 worth of drugs hidden in car on Dublin-Cork road

New techniques are revealing secrets hidden for centuries in Rembrandt's landmark painting

It was a brutal crime, a 34-year-old livery driver beaten in the head and hidden in a sedan on a residential street in Bayonne, N.J. But the discovery of the body offered no hint of what was to come.

These rainbow underlights are hidden under a layer of natural-looking hair color 🌈

U.S. Border Patrol agents on Wednesday arrested a man in Southern California after allegedly finding liquid methamphetamine hidden in his car, authorities said.​

Hidden Bar: macOS utility to hide unused menubar icons, written in Swift ()


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In love with this new art installation at my house by Dante Dentoni!!!! 😍 He replaced a part of my wall with LEGOs and built in a bunch of little hidden rooms, including , an room (Hanamura pt. 2), an alien abduction world and much more

I've hidden some video clips in hotspots around the world. All I need you to do is find them & then you'll be the first to hear more about my new track. Share what you find using #TwoOfUs  & try to piece it together! View the map to find your nearest one:

The whistleblower told us: - Trump pressured Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Biden. Confirmed. - Military aid to Ukraine was held up for unknown reasons. Also right. - Call records were hidden away in a classified system. Yup. No wonder the IG found the whistleblower credible.

Once again, nothing that Fiona Hill said today in her deposition was classified. None of it should have been hidden from the American people. But @RepAdamSchiff  continues his agenda to impeach the President with a secretive, biased, and unfair process.

Republicans are trying to ram through Kavanaugh’s nomination, setting his hearings for 9/4—but thousands if not millions of documents from his career are still hidden from the public. RT to show the GOP that you want to see ALL of Kavanaugh’s records before the hearings begin.

For more than 30 years, plastic phones shaped like the cartoon cat Garfield have been washing up on French beaches. The mystery is now solved: a shipping container which washed up during a storm in the 1980s was found in a hidden sea cave 📷 Fred Tanneau

Guess who is coming for the hidden collaboration of ‘STATION X 0’ project! Red Velvet’s WENDY and a global artist John Legend will be releasing a duet song ‘Written In The Stars’ as the fifth liner of the project! #JohnLegend  X #WENDY  #WrittenInTheStars ’: 2018.10.19. 6PM KST

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Check out the full lineup of ‘STATION X 0’ below! 👉 #TAEYEON  X #MELOMANCE  👉 #BAEKHYUN  X #LOCO  👉 #FANXYCHILD  👉 #SEULGI  of Red Velvet X #SinB  of GFRIEND X #CHUNGHA  X #SOYEON  of (G)I-DLE 👉 #CHANYEOL  X #SEHUN  👉(Hidden collaboration) #STATIONX0 

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News is what the powerful want to keep hidden. By limiting the scope of the FBI investigation on Kavanaugh, the White House is daring the press to shed more light on what's lurking in the shadows. I expect my colleagues will not disappoint. Hold on to your hats.