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Hey John, Mika and I send our prayers and love to you and your family. And we ask here that Americans praying for those effected by Coronavirus add you to their prayers. We love you, buddy. Get well soon!

Oh hey! I talked to the stunningly prescient Emily St. John Mandel about her new novel The Glass Hotel and also Station Eleven.

Hey @cedricmaxwell81 , can u settle an endless debate I'm having with a buddy? How good would John Havlicek be in today's game?

Hey John Cornyn -- when exactly did you decide that the virus was a crisis? When the president* gave you permission?

Other GMs: "Hey, we're about to do something stupid!" John Schneider:

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“If a coworker is diagnosed with COVID-19, you should not go around telling people, ‘hey, John Smith was just diagnosed,'" Tony Comden said. "Instead we say, ‘look, someone with whom you work on a regular basis has been diagnosed with COVID-19.'”

Hey @IlvesToomas : Talking smack about speaking Estonian here: John McWhorter on Linguistics, Music, and Race (Ep. 89 — Live at Mason) by @mercatus 

Hey, "New Pope" fans! It's not a "litter." It's not a "palanquin." The pope is carried on the sedia gestatoria, his portable throne. Pope John Paul I stopped its use, along with another Lenny Belardo revival, the "triregnum," or Papal Crown. Definitely won't be revived by Francis


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Hey @Harry_Styles , We’ll play for your 30th! - Daryl and John

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“(Hey Jude) was a long song (...) I actually said, ‘You can’t make a single that long’ (...) and John asked ‘Why not?’ I couldn’t think of a good answer- except (...) that DJs wouldn’t play it. He said, ‘They will if it’s us’ And of course, he was absolutely right” -George Martin

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Hey #ARMY , do you think John Cena would make a good bodyguard for @BTS_twt ? #BillboardNews 

@Amb JohnBolton Hey, John. Unless you do your duty and testify, you have lost the right to be part of the public conversation about other matters. Your cowardice and willingness to protect enemies of the country and the Constitution disqualify you.

Hey: John Bolton is on my Amtrak train. Gonna go over and say hi.

Hey witches: John Proctor's house is for sale

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Hey right wing nuts: I’ve seen every John Wayne and Charlton Heston movie ever made. If I can separate entertainment from politics, so can you. Stop whining about Hollywood.

CNN contributor and Dem heart throb "John Dean, the Lying Machine" went to prison for obstruction & covering up for @POTUS  who spied on political enemies. Hey, Dems, @realDonaldTrump  was the one who was SPIED ON! Go after the ppl who did the illegal spying!