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It isn’t easy being a loner — but in the slime mold world, natural selection favors it. Populations wouldn’t survive without those who depart from the herd.

Johnson 'told Italian PM he wanted herd immunity'

Why simply waiting for herd immunity to covid-19 isn’t an option

Herd immunity can help end the coronavirus pandemic, but it's probably going to come from a vaccine, not from widespread infections and recoveries.

Have you 'herd' about this? 🐮 #Cows  have invaded the Falmer campus @SussexUni . The 18 young male Aberdeen Angus crossbreeds were spotted outside @BMEcSussex  yesterday. Cow puns welcome... More: @SPRU  @SussexIss 

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Study shows Spain far from having 'herd immunity' to virus

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OcEnnnBNfZ Be a leader and make the first move. The majority is not always right actually they are wrong most of the times ... go against the grain and don't follow the herd. RT Remix *PsychologyDoc Stand out. Make the first move. RT2 *lionoflostworld *BerryYNWA

Other pandemic-related names have been registered for racehorses, including Social Distancing, Self Isolation, Flatten the Curve, Herd Immunity and No Spectators.

NEW: How helpful can herd immunity be in ending the coronavirus pandemic?

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Boris Johnson told Italy’s Prime Minister he ‘wanted herd immunity’, #Dispatches  has learnt. The government denies herd immunity was ever a strategy. THREAD 1/

Failed on PPE. Failed on Testing. Failed on Care Homes. Failed on airport checks. Failed with 'herd immunity' strategy. Failed to stop mass gatherings. Failed to lockdown in time. RESULT: 62k dead & rising.

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I SEE NO DIFFERENCE! 🐘 Have you HERD? It’s the best night of the year - Disney Night/Mother’s Day, and we’ve got a whole trunkful of ❤️👶🏼 for you! I’ll be on Facebook Live at 6:30p ET (3:30p pacific) to answer all of your questions about #AmericanIdol 

As an #NHS  cancer consultant who is trying to deliver a cancer service, whilst also being on a #COVID19  ward rota, there’s no way that I’ll remain silent & allow this Government to get away with the lie that “herd immunity” (without a vaccine) wasn’t prior policy. #accountability 

A rebel cow escaped her farm in Poland and is now living with a herd of wild bison. So far, she has been able to successfully find food and thrive in the wild.

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Maybe best not to vote for people who think of you as a "herd"

France’s two-dose MMR vaccination rates well below 95% herd immunity threshold. Consequences? Rising measles cases and deaths, particularly among babies too young to be vaccinated. I know I am repeating myself: I will never forgive Andrew Wakefield.

WATCH: Texas police move a massive herd of cattle to higher ground outside of Houston

DISGUSTING. What kind of snivelling, warped cowards could murder an elephant amongst its family like this? I wish the herd had run them over.