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4/ The blast also slams together helium atoms which fuse together to make beryllium, which then radioactively decays into lithium. A new study shows that about 10% of lithium in our galaxy is made this way. That’s 100 times the mass of the Sun in just lithium!

Cannons Creekhelium balloon crash leaves thousands without power

Anyone know how long it takes for helium balloons to deflate? Or why I got a flat with such ridiculously high ceilings? #sendhelp 

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OED Word of the Day: gas giant, n. A large planet of low density composed mostly of hydrogen and helium (predominantly in liquid form), such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Inhaling helium from a balloon can kill you.

ICYMI: Canada's largest helium purification facility to be built in southwest Saskatchewan

Helium is an industry that is “set to take off,” according to the Saskatchewan’s energy and resources minister:

Country's largest helium purification facility to be built in southwest Saskatchewan

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I recently wrote a column about why Canada should develop its helium industry, espy in Sask & Alta The latest news is that Canada’s largest helium purification facility will be built near Battle Creek, SK, by North American Helium

North East Derbyshire District Council has introduced a charter to ban the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on its land.


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You are made of star stuff. Hydrogen, helium, nitrogen – these and other elements were formed in the stars. And they make up our bodies. The next time you gaze at the night sky, remember: you are star material.✨ Explore more beautiful space imagery:

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Our favourite moment from this season's MNF was when they accidentally released helium into the studio ?

We really must stop pumping helium into the MNF studio ?

Right now, in the center of the Sun, there's a nuclear reaction converting hydrogen to helium, producing neutrinos, photons, & positrons. A neutrino from this reaction will pass through you just over eight minutes from now. The photons won't arrive for at least 100,000 years.

JUST FOUND: The 1st type of molecule ever formed in the universe. ⚛️ Scientists using our have located helium hydride in our own galaxy. It is a contributor to the formation of the 1st stars. Unveil our cosmic beginnings:

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Are they pumping helium into the MNF studio these days? ?

Helium delirium. #Nakia  #bts  shenanigans on the set of with my make-up artist #BlackPanther 

These lads recreated the Haribo ad with helium and the results are hilarious ??

At Oscar Party in Beverly Hills. No one knew atomic number (let alone mass) of Helium. Just weird...

@onairhannah  @ENERGY1069  thank you so much for having me guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a new fan of helium booth.