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Daily News | Trump insists no troops were injured in Iran, but a Philly vet’s final words show the true cost of war | Helen Ubiñas

Daily News | From ‘I’m heartbroken’ to ‘I farted’: The Strangers Project stories connect us in our solitude | Helen Ubiñas

Daily News | Teen gun violence prevention advocate left Trump’s State of the Union address unimpressed | Helen Ubiñas

Daily News | The real dirt on ‘American Dirt’: People who claim they want to give ‘voice to the voiceless’ really don’t | Helen Ubiñas

Daily News | She was shot in the face but didn’t die: ‘I felt like my whole face exploded’ | Helen Ubiñas

Daily News | At Saturday’s Women’s March, it may feel like an uphill battle, but three teen speakers only see possibility | Helen Ubiñas

"She vividly remembers what it felt like to see Michelle Obama – a woman who looked like her and her family — step into the national spotlight as the first lady. In a word: possibility," writes columnist Helen Ubiñas@NotesFromHeL ).


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