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In pictures: Snow sculptures captured at a snow expo in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province

Naughty boy got his tongue stick to the cold roadside rail in NE China's Heilongjiang.

China's Heilongjiang Province steps up efforts on tiger how Siberian tigers undergo winter training at the world's largest breeding center for the endangered species

#ChinaVirus From MrTopStep China : And just an hour ago one suspected case was found Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Provonce...quite distant from my home city. But looks scary... We are wearing mask all the time wherever we go. Face mask is already out of stock in pharmacy store

#ES #NQF #NYSE #ChinaVirusom  MrTopStep China :We were supposed to see her parents but they told us to directly fly to my home for Lunar Spring Festival in North East of China-Heilongjiang Province. One case was found in Zhengzhou right after we leave for home... (continued)

The first highway bridge connecting China and Russia across the Heilongjiang River is ready for opening

1,284 meters long, the 1st #highway  #bridge  connecting #China  and #Russia  across the #Heilongjiang  River has passed final acceptance test and is expected to open in April, transport authority of NE China's Heilongjiang Province said Friday

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#Ice-carving artworks shimmer as the sun sets at Harbin Ice and Snow World in NE China's Heilongjiang Province

With China's economic growth at a 30-year nadir and living costs chronically high, cheap homes in hollowed-out cities are pulling a small tribe of frugal millennials to Heilongjiang l #PropertyRights 

Stunning city view of Harbin, in NE China's Heilongjiang Province.


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Welcome to China’s Snow Town in Heilongjiang Province, where the snow-covered village finds warmth in lively crowd. #AmazingChina 

Check out the magnificent Diaoshuilou Waterfall of Jingpo Lake, China's largest and the world's second largest mountain lake, located in Mudanjiang city, northeast #China 's Heilongjiang Province

An 11-year-old Manchurian tiger gave birth to quintuplets at park in China’s Heilongjiang province

The first snow of the season arrived in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province and this panda couldn't be more excited! Jo

Take a great leap forward and may you succeed in the #NewYear  like this special police force officer from Harbin, NE China's Heilongjiang province. (Do NOT imitate)

Winter is here. This is how China's Heilongjiang province marks the winter solstice:

Despite freezing temperatures, #AFP  visits the Harbin Ice and Snow World in China's northeastern Heilongjiang province, built entirely out of ice and snow it covers some 600,000sqm

-43.5℃! People enjoy “splashing water into ice” in Mohe, the northernmost city in China, located in NE Heilongjiang Province

Life in -43.5C can also be quite fun! This is the city of Mohe, in Heilongjiang province, China. Jo

LET IT SNOW: Playful panda excitedly scampers through its enclosure as the first snow of the season envelopes its home in China's Heilongjiang Province.