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Garbage stories like this are why people don’t trust media. This is an absolute lie. Wayback has it cached, screenshots exist, heck, I read it on air OFF her site. Stop gaslighting America.
#DrainTheSwamp – @WaGuJohnSolomon: Adam Schiff was engaging in the same behavior he was excoriating. He met with Glenn Simpson and he didn’t notify the Intel Committee. Republicans are beginning to raise heck about this. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
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McConnell’s message to the American people: “If you keep us in power we’ll cut your health care, gut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for our tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and, heck, we might even cut their taxes further.” He’s goading us to vote.
i would like to say goodnight ONE TIME to my ONE LESS LONELY GIRL...where are you?? lol...sorry that was corny as heck. thanks 4 the love
A heck of a lot less than flying it to Europe and Middle East and putting CODEL in hotels and wining and dining them. The shutdown has cost more than @realDonaldTrump wanted for wall so what has Pelosi accomplished? Just asking.
and Bustin Jieber loves Brazil. cant wait to come meet all you Brazilian girls ;) heck i cant wait to meet girls in every country :)
WHAT THE HECK EVEN HAPPENED THIS YEAR YOU GUYS !!!! wow. thank u guys so much for making this video .. none of us expected for any of the things in this video to happen and it’s pretty insane that they did. thanks to anybody who listened to my music this year,
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