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Heatwave? How about some #ColdWater
How to deal with #heatwave:
Unbutton jacket
Look pained
Moan about it
Occasionally look at sky & shake head
Remember it'll rain again soon
Things Brits do in August:
-Put headlights on at 3pm
-Gently sweat inside waterproof jackets
-Grimace at sky
-Reminisce about 3-day heatwave
🌡 With Macedonia caught in a heatwave, Jose will be hoping we can keep cool for a trophy-winning start to 2017/18:
.@Cristiano with an absolute scorcher! #HeatWave
Welcome to England where you can have rain, hailstone and a heatwave all while crossing the fucking road.
Are you ready for the @WWE Live #SummerSlam Heatwave Tour on 8/12? @HeymanHustle certainly is! It’s going to be quite a show 🙌
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While you lucky buggers are enjoying the Great British heatwave I am indoors pretending I'm outside enjoying the sunshine with you.
Things not as hot as the train right now:
1. Centre of a steak bake
2. Sauna/Steam room
3. Microwaved apple pie
4. Venus
Queen’s Speech: Theresa May responds to heatwave by putting all her key manifesto pledges on ice.
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