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Prince Harry and Meghan discuss 'global issue' of mental health as Africa tour continues

The panel of judges praised the book for “revealing the systemic discrimination caused by a data gap”. In a comment piece for @newscientist  in June, @CCriadoPerez  called for an end to the scandalous male data bias that determines women's health

How do you sell happiness? Fosun, Thomas Cook's largest shareholder apparently does just that, as well as Wealth and Health

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Gucci model who made a catwalk protest is donating fee to mental health charities

Q1) via @SonjaSwissLife  If you or someone with whom you're traveling has a restricted diet because of health or personal convictions, what kind of preparations do you make, if any, in advance of a trip? #TTOT 

#housinginnovationnetwork collective challenge for Housing & Healthy Ageing (in fairness finest brains across health, #ukhousing  #socialcare  & numerous think tanks have not been able to resolve this!) how to embed a culture of innovation across a complex & fragmented landscape

Final bit of packing for Doha.. off this afternoon... always in the bag are these bad boys for a hectic schedule on health and voice 👊🏻 thanks for the supplies @HSElite  and @VocalzoneHQ  #doha  #worldchamps 

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Sarah Nix is 26 years old and has endometriosis. She's also $30,000 in debt despite having the top private health insurance

Today, Prince Harry and Meghan will visit Waves for Change, an organization that uses surfing to provide mental health services to vulnerable young people from violent communities. Follow today’s live updates on the #RoyalAfricaTour  here: ⬇️

Ganduje pledges unflinching support for attainment of universal health coverage .com @vanguardngr  #vanguardnews 

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For every retweet of this tweet, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives. Here’s my 5 cents. Where’s yours? #BellLetsTalk 

BELL LET’S TALK DAY 2019 OFFICIAL VIDEO: Today, every view of this video makes a difference. All you need to do is watch it and Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. Share to help spread the word! #BellLetsTalk 

Tomorrow’s elections might be the most important of our lifetimes. The health care of millions is on the ballot. Making sure working families get a fair shake is on the ballot. The character of our country is on the ballot.

No jump shots. No ferns. No memes. Not this time. I’m going to give it to you straight: If you need health insurance for 2019, the deadline to get covered is December 15. Go to today and pass this on — you just might save a life.

Today, every view counts. Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives for every view of this video. #BellLetsTalk 

Health care has always been about something bigger than politics: it's about the character of our country.

For every retweet of this, Bell will donate 5 cents to Health Programs'>Canadian Mental Health Programs, and I think that’s amazing. #BellLetsTalk 

Starting today, you can sign up for 2018 health coverage. Head on over to and find a plan that meets your needs.

Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover mental health

No Mr. President, providing health care to every man, woman and child as a right is not a curse, it's exactly what we should be doing.