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Headteacher uses @frankturner 's Be More Kind to reassure pupils during coronavirus pandemic

A retired Yorkheadteacher and food bank volunteer in his 60s has died from coronavirus

Struggling to keep yourself occupied? We've got some sage advice from the Hollyoaks High Headteacher herself, Sally St Claire! What have you been doing to keep yourself busy this week? 😊 #Hollyoaks 

Tomorrow on @TheStephShowC4  in my positive power hour at midday @Channel4  More heros/heartwarmers including staff at Leap Valley surgery + a headteacher going the extra mile to help vulnerable families @chrisdysonHT  Plus: @BillBailey  Harry+Sandra@Redknapp  @damekellyholmes 

Tributes have been pouring in for a popular "much-loved and respected" Black Countryheadteacher after his death.

A headteacher has had to use his own credit card to ensure pupils were not left without school meals

Children would have been left without vouchers if the headteacher had not stepped in

The headteacher sent an email to parents in which he slammed Lloyds Bank

'Just do what you can... that's all anybody would ever ask' Headteacher@MatthewCBurton  took a break from #EducatingYorkshire  to talk #homeschooling  with @thewhitmore  👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 Listen back on @BBCSounds  🎧

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Friday: headteacher tells she has to turn lights off at her school and work in dusk light to save money on electricity because of school cuts. Sunday: man who wants to be Prime Minister thinks there’s enough money sloshing round to build an unnecessary bridge to Ireland

As school year starts, I want to show you part of an email a headteacher sent to me. A large proportion of this secondary school’s kids are pupil premium+some use food banks. Some have never been to their local city centre a few miles away or even to a cafe/restaurant before.....

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The headteacher of a #Birmingham  school at the centre of a row over #LGBT  inclusive classes says the damage protesters are doing to the school, and its pupils and teachers, is 'almost immeasurable'. To read the full story, click here:

This headteacher in Kenya wears the same school uniform as his students - watch him explain why:

"I feel as though the choices I've been forced to make will have a detrimental impact on my children." Headteacher Michelle Gay speaks to ITV News about the true cost of the funding crisis in England's schools Read more at ITV News

It's the Headteacher of the hour, Mr McPartlin! How's he feeling after getting that Golden Buzzer? ? ? #BGT  #BritainsGotTalent 

Great to watch the response of these children and their headteacher to our policy of #FreeSchoolMeals  for all primary school children.

Primary school headteacher's inspirational letter to pupils goes viral

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Headteacher's tender note to her pupils explains that exams aren't everything @guardianedu 

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