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Hey guys just to let ya know , I'm still here don't worry. Just keeping my head down and enjoying the break , hope you understand . Love you
She trained her dog to block her head during a seizure, we really don't deserve dogs
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BREAKING: FLINT, Mich. (AP) — The head of Michigan's health department is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the Flint water crisis.
The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr. Do the math. That’s less than $15,000 a year — not nearly enough to keep a roof over your head.
Holy shit.. Just woke up and the first thing that came to my head was that we won 2 more AMA's including artist of the year.
Last night we met a very brave little dude called Gavin. Gavin in an old head on young shoulders, so much fun teaching us how to whip.
Problem is that the acting head of the FBI & the person in charge of the Hillary investigation, Andrew McCabe, got $700,000 from H for wife!
Well that's quite possibly the nicest drunken tweet I've done aha what was going in in my head last night
If you see a dude with a turkey on his head later, it's not Joey tribbiani
"My skin crawled." In her new book, Hillary Clinton reveals what went through her head during this debate moment with Donald Trump.
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