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Trump knew within minutes no missile was hurtling toward Hawaii. He was golfing. They told him. He did not tweet out that info. He kept golfing. People thought they & their families were going to die FOR 38 MINS. Then when the panic was over he tweeted how media is so mean to him
BREAKING NEWS: The following states will join New York in suing the FCC to defend #NetNeutrality protections:

-North Carolina
1960: In the future, we'll be able to take a flying car to the moon

2018: We used the data from our porn site to prove everyone in Hawaii stress masturbated after someone accidentally texted them that they were all about to killed by a missile
I think Hawaii should buy everyone on the islands a drink of their choosing - on the state.
I attended multiple high schools in 4yrs. Hawaii, Nashville and Pennsylvania. Everyone thought I was an undercover narc. True story. 👮🏾
RT for a chance to win a round-trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. NoPurchNec. Ends 1/7/18. #PUBGsweepstakes rules: #PUBG [T]
Time travel is possible!
Flight #HA446 just took off from New Zealand in 2018 and will land in Hawaii back in 2017!
You need to know the story of KAL-007, a Korean airliner shot down in 1983, to understand why those 38 minutes in Hawaii put the whole world in danger.
So sorry for all the people in Hawaii who went through that — we know someone who’s there with her family. Crying in closet texting goodbyes to loved ones, husband shielding their baby. Sounds traumatic. Hang in there, folks.
Pornhub saw a massive drop in traffic from Hawaii during ballistic missile alert, then saw a large increase 1 minute after the alert was revealed to be false
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