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It's funny how people think you hate them when you literally do not think of them AT ALL

Solidarity with Jewish friends after alleged hate incident outside Giffnock synagogue. It is a synagogue I have visited many times and a community that has always welcomed me to their place of worship. Stand in solidarity with any community who suffer hatred ✊

"To have gone from where people didn’t know much about us to where people actively hate us, it’s difficult"

Taco Charlton has deleted his tweet. The #Cowboys  former first rounder has become what Bill Parcells used to hate. An E-R-W. Eat, Ride and Warm Up. Parcells said guys like Taco never helped him win on Sundays. @BlueStarBlog 

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"We, the reading public, love to hate these women who embody feminine ideals of wealth and whiteness... We love when they are revealed to be inauthentic." @nayomir  on what fueled the Natoline frenzy

Lizzo opened up to a fan on Twitter about "self-hate" and we're here for it: "Give your growth time."

Former NFL player allegedly created a fake hate crime in which he claimed burglars spray painted racial slurs, swastikas and "MAGA" at his bakery, police say.

"I hate to say it — I hope I don't sound ridiculous — I don't know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street, I wouldn't...I wouldn't know a thing."

Hey, fellow New Yorkers and people who come here sometimes. I live 15 minutes from LGA, and I know why people USED to hate it. But I'm curious, why does it still have such a horrible reputation? I almost never have issues flying from there.

A man who was shot during Atlanta Black Pride Weekend is recovering as authorities try to determine if the crime was motivated by hate.


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Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you.

"People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love..."

Didn't realise the hate for minions was this real fuck these aliens got it bad

Our Country is Free, Beautiful and Very Successful. If you hate our Country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave!

Man I fucking hate cigarettes !!

We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice, and your choice alone. This is about love for America. Certain people HATE our Country....

Protest racism, protest xenophobia, protest homophobia, protest inequality, protest hate, protest hate, protest hate, but don't become it.

for those who you who have doubted me and now turn to hate id like to say one thing... i am batman

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Please talk to your kids & make them understand how disgusting it is to hate a individual because of the color of their skin.

I absolutely hate some of those paps... Nasty nasty people .Whoever the hell you were, don't ever tell one of our fans to get out of the way