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Sen. Orrin Hatch: “But what if there are 10 babies on the floor of the Senate?"

What if there were?
Congratulations to Senator Orrin Hatch on an absolutely incredible career. He has been a tremendous supporter, and I will never forget the (beyond kind) statements he has made about me as President. He is my friend and he will be greatly missed in the U.S. Senate!
#Parkland student has respectful, productive meetings with Murphy, Schumer, Speaker Ryan, Hatch, Cruz, First Lady & the President in the Oval Office! But barely a mention anywhere by any of the new#Floridaspaper writers? Or by most in national press? I wonder why???
The US Office of Special Counsel says WH aide Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on two occasions — interviews on CNN and Fox — last year when she advocated for and against candidates in the Alabama Senate special election.
Since Sam Nunberg:
-Trump says no CHAOS
-North Korea talks
-Kellyanne violates Hatch Act
-Trump admits Russian interference
-Trump likes watching aides fight
-Trump promises "very loving" tariffs
-Gary Cohn resigns
-UAE adviser cooperates with Mueller
-Stormy Daniels sues Trump
Orrin Hatch genuflecting before Trump may be the saddest and most pathetic of all the acts of presidential worship we witnessed at the White House today.
Do not circulate this chart. Orrin Hatch will be very angry and use bad words.
BREAKING: Senator Hatch orders Graham-Cassidy health care hearing to recess as protesters in wheelchairs are removed by authorities
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I wonder if I strap my phone to my leg during my set, will my eggs hatch faster because I move around so much?
Austin Hatch survived 2 plane crashes before playing basketball at Michigan. His amazing journey is #SCFeatured. »
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