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Mark R. Levin
even ignored by most of the democratic party press aoc also accused pelosi of racism last week as kamala harri
...even ignored by most of the Democratic Party-press.  AOC also accused Pelosi of racism last week, as Kamala Harris accused Biden of racism during the Democrat Party debate.
Michelle Ye Hee Lee
kamala harris said the work of the law firm that represented jeffrey epstein calls into question the integrity
Kamala Harris said the work of the law firm that represented Jeffrey Epstein “calls into question the integrity of our legal system.”

Later that day, her husband headlined a Chicago fundraiser hosted by six partners of that firm.
@MSNBC 1 day
sen harris on president trumps tweets it is absolutely racist and un american and it is an old trope go back t
Sen. Harris on President Trump’s tweets: “It is absolutely racist and un-American. And it is an old trope -- go back to where you came from -- that, you know, you might hear it on the street but you should never hear that from the president of the United States.”
Donald Trump Jr.
kamala harris was for locking up non violent offenders for a looooong time before she was against it dont be f
Kamala Harris was for locking up non-violent offenders for a looooong time, before she was against it. Don’t be fooled, it took a Republican President to pass the FIRST STEP ACT!
Jamil Smith
kamala harris was born in oakland her mother was tamil indian her father was born in jamaica birtherism is rac
Kamala Harris was born in Oakland. Her mother was Tamil Indian; her father was born in Jamaica. Birtherism is racism, full stop. You don’t need to support Harris for the Presidency. But if you are black and buying into this, you are aiding and abetting.
Adrian Wojnarowski
free agent forward tobias harris has agreed to a five year 180m contract to return to the philadelphia 76ers h
Free agent forward Tobias Harris has agreed to a five-year, $180M contract to return to the Philadelphia 76ers, his agent and father, Torrel Harris of Unique Sports Management, tells ESPN.
Jackie Kucinich
the last two minutes in summary swalwell biden you are old gimmie the torch biden you try to take this torch f
The last two minutes in summary:
Swalwell: Biden, you are old. Gimmie the torch.
Biden: You try to take this torch from my cold dead hands.
[Everyone starts yelling]

Kamala Harris: I will take the torch, now. Thanks.

Jake Tapper
sen kamala harris at a summer picnic event in west des moines ia i know predators and we have a predator livin
Sen. Kamala Harris at a Summer Picnic event in West Des Moines, IA: “I know predators. And we have a predator living in the White House....Donald Trump has a predatory nature, and predatory instincts…. predators are cowards.”
Ben Smith
we traced the smears against kamala harris to obama birthers and neo nazis via craigsilverman
The New York Times
donald trump jr the presidents eldest son shared another persons tweet during the democratic debate this week
Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, shared another person’s tweet during the Democratic debate this week that falsely claimed Senator Kamala Harris was not black enough to be discussing the plight of black Americans. He later deleted it.
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