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Happy Monday Fam! Our writers @BenTheWriter  @phononzell  @sarafj57  were inspired by the legacy of Kobe’s #blackexcellence  inside the #GamesPeoplePlay  writers room today. In the spirit of Kobe, we will always work hard & strive for his level of greatness! #edmondsentertainment  ✌🏼❤️

Happy Monday fam! Wanted to share what my Monday was sounding like because I’m IN LOVE with these tracks. If you need a mood booster, ? I got you! @SashaSloan11  @coldplay  @the1975  @whereisMUNA 

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Happy Monday, film fam! We're finally relaxing after our membership countdown last week and getting our nostalgia on! Can you believe it's going to be our 35th anniversary this February?! Oh how time flies! #SpiritAwards 

Happy Monday Fam! Thanks to @TinseltownMom  Tirralan Watkins 4 having me as a FEATURE MOM! It was SO WONDERFUL to share my thoughts on dating, wedding plans, marriage, my career & more! C/O my interview ✌?❤️ #edmondsentertainment  #alrightnow  #workingmoms 

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GET Up, DRESS Up, SHOW Up and never, EVER give up! Happy Monday, FAM!

Happy Monday Beat Fam! 20k for whoever can tell us when this rain will end!! In the meantime, what can we play for you RIGHT NOW? #WhatShouldToolzPlayNext ?

Happy Monday Mo's Fam! ? Here's some #MondayMotivation  - don't let ANYTHING stand between you and your goals❗️??

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Happy Monday Fam!! At the office today brainstorming on TV ideas with my future producing partner/summer intern/SON Dylan ?!!! Sending out LOVE! #edmondsentertainment  #familybusiness  #startthemoffyoung  ✌?❤️

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Happy Monday Mo's fam! ?✌️For this week's #MosGroupchat  we're wondering if you could spend your Monday doing one of these things, which would you choose? ?

Happy Monday Mo's fam ?❗️For this week's #mosgroupchat  ??we're wondering who YOU think has made the biggest splash in free agency so far this summer? ??


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Happy Monday Fam ?❤️? Let’s start this week off strong! What are you doing this week!?

Happy Monday Fam! Thank you for your continued support of #gamespeopleplay ! Here’s a little sneak peek of the next episode. Tune into @BET  on Tuesday at 9pm/8c for ALL the drama!! ✌?❤️

Growing old is mandatory, growing UP is optional ?? Happy Monday fam! Tweet me your fave #MondayMotivation  quote ✌️

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Happy Monday fam ?? We have a few special guests coming today so follow our Insta Story@younghollywood  to see behind-the-scenes! ???


Happy Monday Fam! You'll never get anywhere if you don't get started. Don't just talk about it... Do it! Make it a great week! Xo

Happy Monday Fam! Don't take time for granted. Love, treasure, and make the most of every moment you are afforded with family & loved ones!

Happy Monday night Fam! Fear only exists in your mind. Don't empower it & allow it to eat away at your spirit, your heart, and your dreams!