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We understand that @prayutofficial Govt and court has ruled to release Hakeem. My thanks go to the wonderful people of Thailand for your support and to Thai Govt for upholding international law. My deepest gratitude. Also to everyone who stood for what’s right 👏 #Hakeemhome
Australian refugee Hakeem al-Araibi could be heard pleading for help as he arrived in shackles at a Thai court today.
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Hakeem Al-Araibi has arrived at a Bangkok court. His legs were shackled. His message: “don’t send me to Bahrain” #savehakeem
Many wonderful people stepped forward to help Hakeem. They all deserve to be in front of camera now, not only me. I can’t list them, but will thank each of them in time. My thoughts are with Hakeem’s wife. Her nightmare will shortly be at an end. Our prayers answered #Hakeemhome
I’m hoping for a quick solution so Hakeem al-Araibi can go home to Australia. 🙏 #SaveHakeem
Most important thing now is Hakeem’s immediate wellbeing. Sure Embassy staff will take care of him, there’ll be tears there tonight, as there are in our household right now. Going to take some moments to thank as many of the incredible people involved as possible ✊ #SaveHakeem
Red Notice. Issued 8th Nov. By Bahrain. Same day as Thai Visa. Step up world. Hakeem is a magician. Capable of meeting to plan ‘attack’ at 6pm despite playing in a televised match. It’s an absolute farce. Bahrain and Thailand colluded, as we’ve known for last 2 months #SaveHakeem
Flying to Melb to see everyone close to Hakeem, welcome him tomorrow. This is significant win for humanity, people everywhere standing up for good, pushing back against regimes who flout international law, for human rights. Gives us hope to help others, everywhere #Hakeemhome
#BREAKING : A Thai court has ruled an extradition case against Melbourne-based refugee Hakeem al-Araibi be dropped. He will fly back to Australia tonight
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