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It might look like I’m saying...well, OK pilgrim.. let’s circle the wagons. But its more like my shoulder hurts from too many Hail Marys playing touch football !! . . #football  #thanksgivingfootball  #touchfootball …

Sister Rita said drop and give me 10 Hail Marys. LIVE from St Mary School NEXT on Fox 29

Stafford got two Hail Marys off. Both fall incomplete. Lions fall 34-30 to the chiefs

A funny thing about politics — including in the White House — is that sometimes “rapid response” and “crisis communications” are just sophisticated terms for panicked messaging decisions and desperate Hail Marys when everything is going to shit.

We've got your back! Blowouts and upsets, Hail Marys and sensational benchmarks. @daveaizer  & @KaileyMizelle  will have all of that - and all the highlights you could want - in the next episode of Under the Lights! Coming up at 6 on FOX Sports Florida. See you there! #UTLFlorida 

Italian priest suggests free-parking in exchange for Hail Marys to encourage church-goers to pray

Italian priest suggests granting parking spaces in exchange not for cash but for Hail Marys

There's no better drama with the game on the line. Here's the Top 10 Hail Marys in the history of college football. 👇

The Hail Mary has capped Heisman Trophy runs, spurred championship seasons, and in some cases — served as precursors to Hall of Fame careers. We've ranked the BEST Hail Marys in the history of college football.

If I was the Packers' OC, my entire playbook would be nothing but Hail Marys'>Aaron Rodgers Hail Marys. Every damn down.