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Hahn on Giolito: "There’s no long term concerns whatsoever. If this were June or something, I would tell you we’ll see him in three weeks in all probability. Given the time of year, this ends his season."

Rick Hahn presented the news postgame on Giolito. Said Lucas felt it Sunday and the issue showed on a MRI. Lucas to talk soon.

On @ 2: KB busts out. His dad fixed his swing? expected to call in today. get best #WhiteSoxof  Giolito. Should Hahn add? Tim Anderson calls boring. #MLBame  5- vs . do #Warriorse ? #Rocketsha #Celticst’s w/ Embiid? Game 7 drama #NHL 

. Podcast: Rick Hahn, Lucas Giolito and Michael Kopech join the panel live from -- #SoxFest2017 

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Giolito AND Lopez? Holy cats, Rick Hahn. And he still has Quintana to deal. #whitesox