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Hahahahahahahahaha Master negotiator Jerry Jones is making jokes about the expendability the employee he's in touchy contract negotiations with hahahahaha What a card that Jerrah is hahahaha Whassamatter Zeke can't take a joke about who you could be easily replaced hahahahahahah

I told @kprckhambrel  this was my #coolface 😂😂😂 He said “you need to #workon  that!” Hahahahaha !!! We are up with you at 8am!! Join us! #wakeup  #goodmorning  #amnewsersc #wakeupcall #grabcoffeel #riseandshinel

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CHEAP: HAHAHAHAHA. There's 80% discount on the JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless

Hahahahaha it’s got enough sugar though 🤷🏽‍♂️

Hahahahaha ! Put your bid in and bring your friends as I don’t think you can lay bar on me, even though I’m 50 - let alone hit me for a 6 !!!!!!!!!!! 😩😂😩😂

HAHAHAHAHA you are dumb. He is a white supremacist. You probably are too which is why it bothers you.

Hahahahaha thank you bro 🤜🏼🤛🏾

Hahahahaha FURIOUS 6 is fucking great.


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That you said you thought he was a knobhead?? Hahahahaha

Hahahahaha.. this poor fucking guy

We're on the @sternshow  this morning and he's talking about amps. This is fucking rad Hahahahaha

He's been waiting about 15 minutes to cross this road cause he's scared hahahahaha

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I had a missed call from @Truman_Black  , it's all starting to make sense now! Matty you idiot hahahahaha! @grimmers 

LOL yep. Im ok but also that was insane hahahahaha

This could be the coolest thing ever hahahahaha

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Stalking my own band on spotify hahahahaha GUILTY, how's everyone doin, Philli is lookin fine

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@rydercupEUROPE : Dear @McIlroyRory , Just to confirm your tee time is 12.00pm (midday). That's 12pm. Sincerely, Europehahahahaha