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Nearly 300m Indians count as "middle class", says HSBC. Yet some of them make around $3 a day
HSBC was fined $881billion for laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. And new Minister for International Trade is former chair of audit
Congratulations to your 2016/17 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series champions @Blitzboks #HSBC7s
HSBC now admits it was "wrong" to forecast sterling would hit $1.20 + parity with the Euro by end-2017. Investec also upgrades its forecasts
Some of the warm letters of encouragement we (and doubtless BBC) received while researching #HSBC
In addition to @toadmeister, the board of UK's new universities' regulator includes representatives from: law firm DLA Piper; private-equity backed chemists Boots and corrupt bank HSBC
Why doesn't BJP govt act against HSBC officials? They will spill the beans. US did precisely that(3/3)
Rona Fairhead—chair of HSBC's audit & risk committee at time it laundered $881m of Mexican drug money—to be made a peer !!
I am speechless. Former HSBC audit committee chair will promote trade internationally
British bank HSBC helped wealthy clients cheat the UK out of millions in tax, #Panorama learns
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