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Take a look at how @st_vincent 's 'Actor' displayed one of the most prominent architects of alt- #rock  + art-rock alike in the past #decade .

Deering said some banks are "rigorously challenging the jurisdiction of this office to deal with complaints... in relation to whether the complaint was made outside the time limits." How’s that new and improved banking culture coming along then?

What can sports do for you? Watch how @americareframed 's @pynepoyntdoc  shows the residents of Camden the healing wonders of baseball. Encore broadcast 8/20 on @worldchannelPTV :

I'm very happy with how @GailSimone's spotlight session went! We had a great group with lots of writers, and nothing but good questions. Thanks, Gail!

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"How’s this for crazy?" Phil Mickelson said lightning struck the hotel where he was staying, leading to an evacuation:

Neck deep in parental IT support hell. How’s your Sunday going? 🤯

How’s everyone’s Sunday, any good books coming out

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I’m about to do loads of laundry...and enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Back to work tomorrow morning, dark & early! How’s your weekend so far? #SundayMorning 

Hi there friends. It’s your pal @mkstnr  and I’m ready for some soccer this evening. Rumor has it we’ll see the Sounders lineup in about twenty minutes. That’s cool. How’s everyone doing tonight?


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How’s your day going?” “Not too bad” - Translations: 1. Surprisingly okay so far 2. Worst day of my life 3. Spectacularly 4. It’s exceedingly unremarkable 5. I feel nothing

Someone: “how’s life going?!” Me:

can’t trust someone who says “I don’t really like music” ah cool! how’s being a demon? seems quiet that’s for sure !

Happy 2018! I normally don't make resolutions, but how’s this? Let’s all tell the truth, treat everyone equally, be kind to all people and animals, and offer the planet respect. Starting… now.

Government employees already make more money than folks in the private sector. And now Democrats want to give them a pay raise using YOUR taxpayer dollars. How’s that fair?

How 's "The War" came together: A song-by-song breakdown with the band, its producers & More

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Btw... So are we just supposed to act like the media didn’t completely make up and spread an insane conspiracy theory about the WH doctoring a tape? How’s that disappear from the “news” so fast?! 🧐🤔

. promised to tax Carrier. Instead of a "damn tax," they get a damn tax cut. How’s that for standing up to corporate greed?

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