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Heck yes Amy Klobuchar dropping for coronavirus info

Do you think you could lead a pack of dogs on a sled in a race located in the Arctic Circle? A) Yes B) No C) Heck no D) Worse than heck no

My secret is out! Can I use chopsticks? No. Will I keep trying anyway? Yes. Should all of you head out to our city’s MANY Asian-American owned restaurants this weekend for a bite to eat? HECK yes.

Heck yes, @LaurenMurphyMMA  , I’ll absolutely fight you, as long as you make weight and promise not to step on my foot. 😆 #UFC  #elbows  ⛏🥋🥊 @Mickmaynard2 

#StupidStock Move of the Day! Yes, if (as BI is reporting) $IBM is making a big move to endorse Slack in its workplace, that is big news. But up 14% for $WORK? Seems a bit much. Slack still needs to prove it can be profitable, especially as $MSFT promotes the heck out of Teams.