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I'm the proud daughter of immigrants from British Guyana and the Congo. My immigrant family - my cousins, aunts, uncles and my husband's Jamaican family - have contributed MIGHTILY to this country. Yet Trump, of all people, views us as useless products of "shithole countries."
2 months
Harmanpreet Kaur got the off to a RAPID start with a sensational display of hitting in Guyana. Here are her biggest and best shots, delivered by .#FlashCharge
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Glad that Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts continue to inspire Guyana. Lisa Punch sings ‘Vaishnava Jana To’ and the video is shot in Georgetown, where stands a magnificent statue of Bapu. #Gandhi150
#LimaGroup Argentina,Brazil,Canada,Chile, Colombia,Costa Rica,Guatemala,Guyana, Honduras,Mexico,Panama,Paraguay,Peru & St.Lucia reject fake election in & w#Venezuelaill reduce diplomatic relations with regime. Expect more later 2day including at #G20
"Chain migration" is how my family got here from Guyana. My mom helped get her siblings, nieces and nephews residency starting in the 1970s.
Bernie Grant, born in Guyana and moved to Britain in 1963, he represented Tottenham with pride and his wife Sharon continues to do the same.
2 months
History created in Guyana with becoming the first Indian woman to blast a T20I century, putting her nation in position for a first-up win at the .

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2 months
Four matches, four wins for India to top Group B at ! 🇮🇳

Australia are beaten by 48 runs in Guyana!

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Discussed India-Guyana ties with President David Granger & invited him to visit India.
BREAKING: A Fly Jamaica plane en route to Toronto with 82 Canadians on board has made a crash landing in Guyana. All on board survived, but 6 people received minor injuries. St. Lucia News Online says there will be a media briefing at 9 am ET/10 am AT.
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