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MSNBC anchors are acting like Bernie Sanders supporters are going to be using guillotines to take out the aristocracy. They're unintentionally hilarious. P.S. DM me if you know how to make a guillotine. Asking for a friend.

“Every time you offer advice you're putting your neck on the line, and after a bad run your followers can be overly keen to sharpen the guillotine” Catch @RossBrierley ’s latest column in today’s Racing Post Or read online now with Members’ Club Ultimate

anyone know the song used in this trailer that kicks in around the 2 minute mark? guillotine something?

ICYMI: New research proposes that a pattern in the density distribution of our universe — if detected — might serve as a “guillotine” to kill off some alternative theories of the Big Bang.

@sebzieg  @AllieRenisonler1986  maybe, but I dont even want to go there. as we discussed before, a forward thinking EU needs to either require dynamic alignment or an ability to unilaterally guillotine parts of the deal.

@sebzieg  @AllieRenisonler1986  I think the EU is OK with Swiss style agreement provided it is under a single umbrella, with a guillotine that cuts across segments.

“Am I surprised that the guillotine is operating regularly at the French Revolution? Not in the least.” So what will happen when the Education Dept.’s new rules come out?

Ce titre ;) France’s Ena avoids the guillotine under alumnus Emmanuel Macron


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BERNIE CAMP EXPOSED: “I’ll straight up get armed…I’m ready for the ‘f***ing revolution; Guillotine the rich; send Republicans to re-education camps...”

In other news, the people of Puerto Rico are carry a guillotine into the Governor’s mansion. The island has been engulfed in outrage after it was found that the government let unused Hurricane Maria relief supplies rot away in a warehouse.

Looks like it’s more than just one radical staffer working for Bernie: "I'll straight up get armed...I'm ready for the "f**king revolution” "Guillotine the rich" “What will help is when we send Republicans to re-education camps” #Expose2020 

Whoa! The people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine into the Governor’s mansion... ? That’s one way to keep politicians honest for a couple of generations.

"Dustin's guillotine was deep!" "This sport is about respect, not trash-talk." 28-0, undisputed champion ? Khabib Nurmagomedov reflects on a dominant performance in the main event at #UFC242 

Mohamed Salah says teammate accused of sexual harassment 'shouldn't be sent to guillotine'

In fairness, the guillotine scare has everyone a bit rattled, so there may have been concerns the seniors were armed with copies of A Tale Of Two Cities.

The Swede drops OSP TWICE then puts him to SLEEP with the frontside guillotine! WOW!! #UFCOrlando 

Giveaway time! @Assassins_UK  and I are giving away a Guillotine edition of #ACUnity  - RETWEET & follow to win! :D

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My Guillotine'>Runway Guillotine performance on Germany's Next Top Model. Kill for Fashion: . Beauty is a Lie.