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Mediaweek Morning Report All the media news you need to know today, all in one place: Guardian Australia's Alyx Gorman, ABC News in 2020, 10 Travlr, Fiveaa, Good Weekend, The Voice + Amazing Race reunion #AusMedia  #AusNews  #AusRadio  #AusTV  #AusBiz 

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My Guardian column today is on new research into how mental fatigue affects footballers. A study in Brazil found players who spent 30mins on smartphones (playing Fifa or on social media) just before games made poorer passing decisions than those who didn't

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What do the Labour leadership candidates really stand for? The Guardian political correspondent @KateProctorES  examines each candidate, their core pledges and how they have been perceived so far by voters and the media

Interesting thesis: Fmr Guardian editor @arusbridger  argues the treatment of Harry and Meghan stems back to phone-hacking (although this doesn't account for 'royal/palace sources' accurately briefing to said media on the rift between Harry and William).

@garyyounge ⁩ just “banged out” of the Guardian, in an old Fleet St tradition. Emotional speeches marking his departure after 26 years, not least because of the inspiration and mentoring he offered many black journalists who aspired to get into the media because of his work

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The Guardian has a new business-side leader: @AnnetteKThomas1 , a veteran of the academic publishing world, will assume the role of CEO of Guardian Media Group in March.

Mediaweek Morning Report All the media news you need to know today, all in one place: Paul Anderson, ViacomCBS,The Guardian, Fire Fight Australia, Dancing with the Stars, Gary Mehigan, Nielsen DCR + TV Demand#AusMedia  #AusNews  #AusRadio  #AusTV  #AusBiz 

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MI5/MI6 puff pieces, exodus of national security & investigations reporters, and fabricated stories about Assange: How UK's The Guardian became the mouthpiece of choice for intelligence agencies. Important piece to understand how intel uses the media.

The GoFundMe created by Wikileaks yesterday to raise money to sue the Guardian over its fake Assange-Manafort story has raised $29,315 from 573 people on its first day. You can boost it and help send a signal that the media will pay a price for fake news.

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Mark Weisbrot's and Jeffrey Sachs's shocking report that the US embargo on Venezuela has killed 40,000 people has almost no media pick up. No surprise; but consider the suffering, and the prospect of a Pinochet-style coup, the next time the Guardian solicits donations.

8/ Even 2 hours after I read it, I still can't believe that Politico actually published an article by an ex-CIA agent under a fake name saying that if the Guardian's blockbuster Assange/Manafort story is false, it's Russia's fault. Parodying the US media at this point is futile.

6/ In response to a highly dubious Guardian story, POLITICO allowed an ex-CIA officer to use a fake name to publish demonstrable lies and blame Russia for this potentially huge media scandal - zero self-critique. Why would a profession that acts this way expect to be trusted?

Guardian's Deputy Editor, , pushed fabricated front page Assange-Manafort story. Johnston is a member of the UK government's media suppression board. The stated purpose of the board is to suppress true stories about UK spies, state security.

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Happy 3-week anniversary to this blockbuster story! * No media outlet has confirmed it. * No photo/video evidence has emerged. * Ex-embassy official called the story "fake." * Guardian refuses to talk about or retract it. Why do people not trust media outlets??

Guardian knows practically every word of this is a lie, yet splash it. They know Field worked for Cameron, loved Thatcher and Enoch Powell. They know he has never said a word on AS. They know he won’t fight a by-election. Now that is media corruption.

Guardian Media Group has pledged £100k donation to Charlie Hebdo to help ensure it's not silenced. Google giving $300k