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So excited for today! @CapitalOfficial Ball are you ready? Just having some British grub
@ellapudney sick! Everyones friendly, weather isnt always great but we live with it, pubs and grub, thats all i need!
im willing to write, produce and star as the love interest in an entire 2-hour film of @Harry_Styles chewing military grub
In the meantime this (me) poly girl need to grub! I'm hungry lol
MASSIVE reaction to this! This is what happens when you take the iconic 'Do They Know It's Christmas' number 1 and give it the Brexit treatment - Gift Grub style 😂
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Getting some tasty grub before i fly to #dallas to start the #btrtour2014

Yes..i ate it all!…
Thanx for the grub. Those scrapes were actually from me fighting to get to the front of the line!
Driving home with a week full of awesome memories.
First..a quick stop in Reno for some grub!
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