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Heslam: Gronk’s overgrown kid act is getting a little old in retirement

Gronk’s overgrown kid act is getting a little old in retirement

We’ve lost our shit. *we being some faceless gronk/s who is/are so concerned by the safety of others, he/she/they have cancelled fun

During Gronk’s pre-draft visit with the Patriots, they put him in a room to wait for Bill Belichick and he fell asleep on the floor. 😂 (🎥: @NFL )

Which will you remember more from this week: All the bad football or Gronk’s outfit?

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49ers George Kittle gets Gronk’s endorsement as NFL’s supreme tight end

Pats fans say ‘Oh fudge’ to Gronk’s ‘big announcement’


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The Patriots dynasty is in its final hours. Gronk’s last game. Brady will get beat up. Feel like Christmas morning. Last time we have to take the Patriots seriously as a Super Bowl threat.

This was Gronk’s 69th career playoff catch. Classic. (via @NFL )

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So my wife goes to a hot yoga class on Saturday and she tells me that some football player was in the class. She says he was super stiff, but worked hard to get it right. I was like.... you remember his name? She was like NO, but I have a picture. Gronk’s training in Miami.

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Drew Rosenhaus on Gronk’s future: “A lot of fun. A lot of rest. Good times. Relaxation. Partying. Being himself. Being Gronk. Eventually we could see him doing TV, acting, a number of things. Appearances. Endorsements. He’s one of the biggest personalities. He won’t disappear.”

Agent Drew Rosenhaus on on Gronk’s retirement: “I was shocked. I thought Rob was going to come back and play.” His speculation, gut feeling, is that Gronk comes back at some point. But Rob told Rosenhaus he is “done, done, done.”

“I don’t think Gronk’s good. Let me say -- I don’t think Gronk is as great as people think he is.” Gronk vs. Jags: 2 rec, 15 yards Jalen Ramsey walked the walk.

The hit on Gronk is the only way Church could have done his job without just obliterating Gronks knee. If he would have just hit him low most ppl would calm him dirty. So there is nothing he can do to make everyone happy and do his job. Unless you think he should let him catch

Gronk’s dad reveals his son chose Arizona for college because of the pool parties

Ok Jags. You see what you’re up against. Ramsey take Cook now that Gronks out

VIDEO: Gronk’s response to a reporter asking him about #DeflateGate ? Flex on ‘em

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