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Gronk comes down with that 🤷🏾‍♂️

Kittle can block, part of San Fran’s success is his chips, LB blocking- couple of friends who are GMs and DOPP have told me that while he is good, he ain’t Gronk - BUT, I don’t think he fits the reference I made to great pass catchers who aren’t blockers- so I was incorrect

Been wasting my time pounding coffee every damn morning ... Gronk gets going on a trampoline!

"Gronk is the only skill player in 19 years Belichick has drafted that's a Pro Bowler... New England simply doesn't draft skill people very well." @ColinCowherd  reacts to Tom Brady being ranked 10th in @PFF 's Top 10 Graded Passers:

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Brady And Gronk ‘Trending Down’ As Pet Names In Boston, Report Says

Let me state for all the bloggers, trolls and George Kittle fans on here... @ColinCowherd  and I were discussing the #Pats  and their relatively inept offense. Gronk was a monster in the tub&pass game. He is irreplaceable. In comparing other TEs who don’t block I mentioned Kittle.

Brady will make it, obviously. Brees should at least be a finalist. Fitzgerald should be a finalist. Gronk (no longer active, but recently active) should make it. But there's a real lack of current players.


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The newest Laker Girls ... Venus Williams, James Corden and Gronk 🤣

All the feels. There were a lot of special moments over the last nine years, and we enjoyed every single one of them. Thank you, Gronk.

Coming into the season: “Brady won’t have Gronk this year” Patriots receiving core now: Antonio BrownJulian EdelmanJosh Gordon

Gronk used the Lombardi Trophy as a baseball bat and left a dent in it ⚾️ That retirement life is different (via )

Pats tribute to Gronk might make you cry 🙏 (Via @Patriots )

In true Gronk fashion, the TE finishes his career with 80 touchdowns in 115 games. That’s 0.69 per game.

The hit on Gronk is the only way Church could have done his job without just obliterating Gronks knee. If he would have just hit him low most ppl would calm him dirty. So there is nothing he can do to make everyone happy and do his job. Unless you think he should let him catch