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Our reporters are following three fires in California right now
Woolsey fire in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Malibu:
Camp fire near Chico in Northern California:
Griffith Park brush fire near the L.A. Zoo:
AMAZING @JosephSerna photos >> Animals being evacuated from LA zoo -- as fire approaches in Griffith Park. Firefighters hope to stop it
L.A. Zoo staffers are preparing some animals for evacuation as a brushfire burns the nearby hillside at Griffith Park.
Firefighters aren't able to drive to the fire, so they're hiking up the hillside as zoo staff hoses down the landscape.
New fire breaks down in Griffith Park behind L.A. Zoo
Extreme fire weather continues in southern California today. This may lead to rapid fire spread on any fires in the area including the #WoolseyFire affecting areas from Thousand Oaks to Malibu and the brush fire that has started in Griffith Park in the Hollywood Hills. #cawx
GRIFFITH FIRE: Large smoke plumes can be seen for miles as a brush fire blazes in Griffith Park near the LA Zoo. The latest:
Crews are battling a brush fire that broke out this morning in Griffith Park above the LA Zoo and just south of the 134 Freeway. As @RICKatFOX reports, this area is *not* as susceptible to the Santa Ana winds. 🙏
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Northern California's #CampFire is now California's deadliest wildfire, tied with 1933's Griffith Park fire. The new death toll stands at 29 people. At least 228 people are unaccounted for. The fire has grown slightly to 111,000 acres.
UPDATE: A brush fire burning on a hillside behind the LA Zoo in Griffith Park is estimated at 2-3 acres in heavy brush with no wind.
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