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UK, Opinium/Observer poll: CON-ECR: 43% (-4) LAB-S&D: 39% (+4) LDEM-RE: 6% SNP-G/EFA: 5% GREENS-G/EFA: 3% UKIP-ID: 1% (-1) PC-G/EFA: 1% (+1) BREXIT-NI: 0% +/- vs. 21-22 May 2020 Fieldwork: 28-29 May 2020 Sample size: 2,012 ➤ #DominicCummings  #uk 

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Labor is only claiming credit for the robodebt reversal because the greens didn’t vote for the cprs in 2009.

Urban farmer Dan Rothschild is harvesting a stronger bond with a Manhattan soup kitchen, providing leafy greens to needy New Yorkers. “I thought I could do a little good with minimal risk,” he said. “It feels good to be able to do something like this.”

Did you know that dandelion greens are edible and are a rich source of vitamin A? Learn more:

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Is it me or does everyone think Cummings eyesight went bad after he borrowed Damiangreens laptop Just a thought

@JennyShin_LPGA  made it look easy on the greens in Singapore 👏 Watch the final round of the 2018 HSBC Women's World Championship now on @GolfChannel !

10 minutes to a major weather brief milestone. Some improvement, but still a few Reds on the LCC (Launch Commit Criteria). If they press in the hope of greens, they'll go to the T-45 minute prop load Go/No Go.

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Launch Director preparing the teams for Prop LoadGo/No Go, so they are taking it to T-45 mins it would seem. Then a decision on Go. They can begin prop loading (like the first attempt) and still scrub all the way to T-0. Or the greens flash up on weather and they launch!

Greens Harvest'>Leafy Greens Harvest 23 🥬 As I stepped out into the garden to harvest, it came to my mind that no matter what is happening, we still need to eat. Food is life. Food is pleasure. Food is nourishment. Food is medicine.…


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Nahhhhh I actually am colourblind . Big problem with blues and purples / yellows and greens

And at least you all know I eat my greens. ?

Putting & reading the greens well so far!! Good read @jtedscott ! #USOpenChambersBay 

thank you @prolawnturf  and @celebrity  greens for sorting me out with this room . ⛳️??‍♂️

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"You're not fit to call yourselves men!" Greens'>Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young blasts conservative male senators after one of them made a slur against her in the Senate

10 years ago today, Gerald Green’s (unappreciated?) cupcake dunk.

US presidential candidate @DrJillStein  (Greens) draws attention to Obama's war on whistleblowers in election eve PR

@CalAurand : Proud of @NiallOfficial  today!! Fairways and greens all day best golf out of all of us this tour”thanks Calvin! I'm happy now