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Permafrost means no piped sewage in Greenland. Denmark’s response? Wrap it in plastic and throw it on a pristine Arctic beach then tell the world it’s not Copenhagen’s problem and decline to answer questions. @Channel4News ⁩

Every item of waste dumped on the beach. Danish govt says it is Greenland’s problem. Greenland is part of Denmark. This dump is from a town that exists only because Denmark forced the Inuit there from their homelands to make way for US military base. @Channel4News ⁩

Great discussion with @USAmb Denmark on deepening ties with Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Topics included Arctic and energy security, trade, and boosting US economic ties with Greenland, including investments in mineral exploration projects and airport upgrades.

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Danish police spent about 4 million kroner/$600,000 on prep for Trump’s canceled visit to Denmark. He planned to be there Sept. 2-3, but put off trip in the wake of disagreement with prime minister over potential purchase of Greenland. @ButtlerM 

@gabrielmalor  We have a president who is happy to meet with the Taliban but who is boycotting Denmark over their refusal to talk about selling Greenland.

NEW: Trump national security adviser discusses Greenland ties with ambassador to Denmark

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'Baby Trump' files in Denmark after president cancels visit over Greenland mockery

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Buying Greenland shouldn’t be a joke. If I were advising the president, I’d tell him to make Denmark another offer, writes S. Enders Wimbush

Letter: Denmark may face Greenland bidding war

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Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time....

Little known fact: the current CNN breaking news headline “President Trump Postpones Denmark Trip After Prime Minster Refuses to Sell Greenland to United States”, was, word for word, in a 1995 episode of The Simpsons.

@maggieNYT  very shrewd. This isn't about Greenland. Obama scheduled to visit Denmark 9/28. Trump was scared of the likely contrast to his state visit on 9/2-3.

Remember when a drunk guy wrote to Denmark and asked if he could have Greenland, and Denmark replied. (cc @realDonaldTrump )

This week Trump: • Tried to buy Greenland • Got mad at the Prime Minister of Denmark when she wouldn't sell Greenland • Attacked NATO • Called himself "the chosen one" • Said veteran suicides could be prevented by a Johnson & Johnson "stimulant"

Unanswered question: What's the real reason Trump didn't want to go to Denmark that he's blaming on the Greenland thing?

Trump cancels trip to Denmark because they won't sell him Greenland. Seriously. @anniekarni ⁩

"Greenland is not for sale": Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen reacts to Pres. Trump's idea of buying the semi-autonomous Danish territory of Greenland. "Thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is over," she adds

Trump's last 15 hours: • Snubbed Denmark over Greenland • Smeared US Jews as disloyal • Hailed himself King of Israel • Told NRA background checks not happening • Will allow indefinite hold of migrant families • Wants Russia back in G8 • Energy Sec falls for Insta hoax

Trump is cancelling his planned trip to Denmark because the Prime Minister won’t discuss selling Greenland. #thisactuallyhappened