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Be here now. Be in the moment. The now is the greatest moment of our lives and it just keeps getting better. The bad parts the boring parts the parts with high anxiety. Embrace every moment for its greatness. This is life. This is the greatest movie we will ever see.
.@realDonaldTrump, your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world. With what authority do you proclaim who’s welcome in America and who’s not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald?
Don't you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.
All of it is not always easy but it is a blessing. We can change the world. I'm up for the challenge. Big things ahead! #greatness. love you
U gotta work for greatness. Take nothing for granted.
Push for greatness
After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more), running the FBI, its reputation is in Tatters - worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.
Apparently the definition for American greatness excluded: arts, safety, health, diplomacy, privacy, nature, and education. But we got golf!
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
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