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DM: "I’ve always believed in Scotland and our immense potential, but now even more people share that view that the UK is broken, and independence is the way forward. "We have to build on that momentum. The job is not done, but victory is within our grasp. " #SNP19 

Johnson now openly taking from Trump playbook. Complex voter ID next up. Rationale is poor/foreigners won’t have sufficient grasp of English

Calm your mind and listen to your body to better grasp workplace dynamics @Globe_Careers 

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“Olga’s work is crystal clear: her characters live on the page and speak for themselves, and her tone and intentions are equally easy to grasp, transform, and transmit.”

Jordan Gross is already a good game analyst with @Panthers  radio. No surprise, since he’s so savvy and articulate, but he gets that his task is delivering ex-player nuance. I’m amazed that some in that job never grasp that.

AMERICAN FAN: Yeah, there are a lot of rules in the NFL. But you get a grasp once you watch a few games. the NFL:

Damayanti Ben's purse containing cash of Rs 50,000 and two mobile phones were wrenched from her grasp by two persons when she was alighting from an auto-rickshaw on Saturday morning.

'What Coleen has failed to grasp is this: Something is only a secret if you are the only person who knows about it'

But, without the shoes, he doesn’t have a record below that. That’s the point. It’s not hard to grasp.

Hustlers brings Jennifer Lopez within grasp of Oscars with true story of greed, materialism and excess

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Hard to grasp that he's actually gone, left us way too soon. You will continue to live on in our hearts. Rest in peace @Etika 

I’m about to join on stage with to answer questions from boys and young men of color about the challenges that confront them and the opportunities within their grasp. Tune in at .

Faith helps us grasp the meaning of life: God is with us and loves us infinitely.

The Democrats are making a strong push to abolish ICE, one of the smartest, toughest and most spirited law enforcement groups of men and women that I have ever seen. I have watched ICE liberate towns from the grasp of MS-13 & clean out the toughest of situations. They are great!

To me today BJP winning 300-350 is within grasp. To grasp that we Hindutva minded karyakartas must suspend our grievances and like Arjuna and the iris of the eye of the bird focus now to win majority for BJP.

When we all received that amber alert last night, a little girl, in the care of her father, was about to be murdered. By her father. On her birthday. I can’t grasp this. Some of you lost some sleep because of the sound of the alert. But, you woke up. Unlike her. RIP Riya 🙏

My hands are so soft that I can't grasp my phone correctly

Northam refused to grasp that blackface is dehumanization. Wearing us like costumes makes it easier to render us homeless. Easier to take away our ballots. Easier to silence our voices in the public square. To miseducate us. To let us die in hospitals. To kill us with impunity.

This body and this nation have spent months watching my friends across the aisle grasp at every imaginable excuse to delay this process and damage this nominee. If they had their way, the goalposts on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination would be in another time zone by now.

What does Egyptian President know that our media just cant grasp when he says "Trump is capable of the impossible." Lets debate THAT