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Apply to the Office of Science Graduate Student Research program by Nov 14th! SCGSR provides supplemental awards to U.S. graduate students to pursue part of their graduate thesis research at a DOE laboratory or facility @CenterForMSIs  @CGSGradEd 

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Are high-school diplomas in Washington becoming meaningless? This is the question education officials are wrestling with as they prepare to finalize new rules governing what students must do to graduate.

In a tenure-market market where the odds of getting a job are never in your favor, graduate students are waking up and demanding more help from their programs.

Low-income high schoolers who take early college courses are more likely to graduate college. The findings come from an analysis by the education nonprofit Ed Trust, which tracked the educational outcomes of more than 100K New York public school students.

"It will train our graduate students that are coming from the top of their classes, but they want to start their own businesses ... They showed that they can work through hardship ... They're not going to quit," Natasha Kirsch, founder @groomingproject .

NMSU Aggies Go Global graduate students visit China desertification control project

Attention graduate and predoctoral students as well as postdoctoral and senior investigators! @NMNH  is accepting applications for the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program. Learn more about our fellowships via @SmithsonianOFI  and apply by November 1:

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"In graduate school, I was told to read the newspaper to get ideas for papers. This is still common advice to graduate students. But what have newspapers traditionally shone a light on? The behavior of men.

Our #ArmyResearchOffice  scientists had a great time joining more than 100 attendees at the 7th Annual Triangle Student Research Competition. They got to introduce NC graduate students to #Army  research and educational opportunities and judge the scientific poster contest. #ARO 

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On a research dive in 2011 off the Aegean Sea coast, a lucky pair of @BrownUniversity  graduate students accidentally witnessed to a phenomenon scientists would only ever see in the lab; the drama and violence of a male cuttlefish competing for a mate. #NationalCuttlefishDay 


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PHILIPPINES: New law requires that all high school and college students must now plant a minimum of 10 trees before they are allowed to graduate.

Black students graduate with some $7,400 more in student debt than white students. After 4 years the gap widens to $25,000. Our plan to cancel student debt would cut the racial wealth gap for young Americans from 12:1 to 5:1. We must #CancelStudentDebt .

Black students graduate with some $7,400 more in student loan debt than white students. Just four years after graduating, the debt gap widens to $25,000. #CancelStudentDebt 

PHILIPPINES: New law requires all high school and college students to plant a minimum of 10 trees before they are allowed to graduate.

KD opens 'The Durant Center’ in Maryland to help low-income students get into college and graduate

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The Philippines has passed a new law requiring all high school and college students to plant at least ten trees each before they can graduate.

Only half of the American students who start college will graduate. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for schools that defy the odds.

TRUMP: Creates fake university to scam students, pays $25 million fine for fraud LEBRON: Creates top-notch public high school for low-income students, pays college tuition for every graduate

Students at the TM Landry College Prep School come from low-income families. All of them graduate and get into college.

What the tax bill does to graduate students alone — the seed of our economic future — should be reason enough to stop this disaster. And then there is what it does to healthcare for millions. I am baffled by the GOP complicity in inflicting damage on this scale.