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Think he's not familiar with Victory Lane at @HomesteadMiami ? @dennyhamlin  looks to grab another season-ending 🏁 Sunday. #Championship4 

53| Robins 3-6 Newport County The away side grab their sixth as Taylor Maloney registers his hat-trick in the first goal of the second half. #ctfc 

When @RyanDCouture  says he will just grab a pic from the internet for @CleveBentz  s and my membership card at @Xtreme_Couture  😂🤣😂🤣 @ Xtreme Couture MMA

Grab-and-go foods are an easy option for busy lives, but if you opt for ultra-processed foods a lot, you may pick up something you don't want -- heart disease.

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CBD products stolen during smash-and-grab burglary, Madison police say

CBD products stolen during smash-and-grab burglary, Madison police say #news3now 

❄️🎿 Grab your snow pants! This early cold snap has some Pocono-area mountains welcoming skiers and snowboarders to the slopes earlier than ever:

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“Because the House has already voted against the Impeachment Proceeding, the current inquiry is totally invalid. The current sham of a so-called investigation is nothing more than an unconstitutional power grab. It needs to end.” @JasonChaffetz  @seanhannity  Corrupt Adam Schiff

Scott Walker is 100% correct when he says that the Republicans must WAKE UP to the Democrats State by State power grab. They play very dirty, actually, like never before. Don’t allow them to get away with what they are doing!

You know what. Fuck it. For part 4, i’m going full tea. no censoring. no holding back. no worrying about pissed off people texting me. You guys wanted tea and I’m gonna bring the whole damn kettle. Grab on to your fuckin mops.

If you come after the President, the Country, the Flag - he’s going to defend himself. What the squad doesn’t like is that Donald Trump is enforcing the very laws that are on the books that were put there by Congress.” Jason Chaffetz. Also, buy Jason’s great new book, POWER GRAB!

Our @5SOS  boys have their single out this week! Make sure you grab a copy :) sick song and sick video

So let me get this straight: Declaring Election Day a national holiday would be a "power grab," but declaring a national emergency over a manufactured crisis is totally fine?

“Send her back. Lock her up. Nasty woman. Horse face. That dog. Face of a pig. Not my type. Fat. Disgusting. Low IQ. Slob. Pocahontas. Blood coming out of her wherever. Look at that face. Grab them by the pussy.” But nobody has more respect for women? #IStandWithIlhanOmar 

BREAKING: We’re suing President Trump over today’s blatantly illegal declaration of a national emergency. There is no emergency. This is an unconstitutional power grab that hurts American communities. We’ll see him in court.

For my birthday I want everyone to grab someone else's butt

Grab a tissue. Here’s how @RandyMoss  reacted when he found out he was headed to Canton. (via @ProFootballHOF )